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PHI Clinic Prices

Cost is important for everyone. We understand. Our prices reflect the quality of products and devices, the skill set of our practitioners, and the overall quality of service. Below we have highlighted the associated costs for a consultation at PHI Clinic, across the wide range of practitioners we have.

Injectables from £195
Device-based treatments from £250

Who will I see?

Upon booking, we will assign you to an appropriate clinician based on the indication you wish to address. We never base consultations on set treatments, as we offer a wide range of options, both surgical and non-surgical. It is best to first assess you in person to see what you would be most suitable for, and then draw up a comprehensive, bespoke treatment plan.

Why PHI Clinic?

Our goal is to continually pursue excellence and uncover new advances within the aesthetic medical field. We wish to provide safe, ethical treatment for all patients, meaning we value the consultation process and our price reflects that. Unlike other clinics, PHI does not promise same-day treatment, nor are consultations carried out by sales representatives. Because of the expertise of the clinical team, and the all-encompassing nature of the treatments we offer, we charge for consultations and the price will vary for different specialities. It is important to understand what you get for the prices, so we have listed some of the many reasons why PHI Clinic is for you.

How much are consultation fees and what does my consultation entail?

Dr Tapan Patel

Dr Tapan Patel

£195 consultation fee required upon booking to secure your appointment
1.) A thorough assessment from a leading figure within aesthetic medicine
2.) One of the best injectors in the UK
3.) A specialist in injectable treatment and laser resurfacing
4.) A focus on natural-looking results
5.) A bespoke treatment plan
6.) The widest range of treatments in Europe
7.) Equipped to treat a broader range of conditions and indications
8.) Highly-skilled in treating patients of colour
9.) Leading international trainer in injectables and laser treatments
10.) A Medical Doctor for 19 years and an Aesthetic Doctor for 15 years
11.) Great bedside manner and etiquette
12.) Clinical photos to document progress of treatment (confidential)
13.) VISIA scan with a therapist upon consultation date


Dr Benji Dhillon

£125 consultation fee required upon booking

Thorough consultation with highly-experienced, sought-after doctors

Redeemable against treatment


Apul Parikh Header image

£145 consultation fee required upon booking

1.) Comprehensive consultation from leading UK surgeons
2.) Expertise and knowledge of top surgical staff
2.) Professional, chaperoned assessments of area of concern
3.) Outline of what is achievable and most appropriate
4.) Full details of surgery
5.) Plan for surgery

Our Nurses & Aestheticians


A £50 Consultation fee required upon booking to secure appointment, fully-redeemable against treatment.

We have two Aestheticians at PHI Clinic; Jenna Staal and Spirithoula Koukoufikis as well as our Nurse Jude Dunican
1.) Highly-trained in laser treatments, skincare advice, chemical peels, non-surgical treatment and consultations
2.) Personal, bespoke treatment plans
3.) Years’ worth of experience
4.) Diverse team who bring invaluable experience and expertise to the clinic
5.) Friendly, warm, professional advice and care

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