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8 Point Lift

What is the 8 Point Lift?

The 8 Point lift is an innovative anti ageing technique that has been adopted by PHI Clinic’s Medical Director, Dr Tapan Patel.

Referred to as the ‘non-surgical facelift’, the 8 Point Lift uses the most advanced non-surgical techniques to lift and rejuvenate the face, creating a much more youthful appearance. The real appeal of this treatment is that our patients have seen desirable results, without having to go under the knife.

What products are used?

Dr Patel uses the most sophisticated dermal filler range: Juvéderm Ultra. In particular, Juvederm Volift, Juvederm Volbella and Juvederm Voluma are used to revive and restore volume in the face. The doctor has worked with the new Juvéderm range for over 2 years, making him one of the most experienced injectors with these products, in the UK.

Is there any downtime?

Not only is there no downtime associated with this treatment, the results are natural-looking and subtle, with immediate effect. 2-3 days after treatment, the serum settles and gives an impeccable result.

How does the 8 point lift work?

The treatment works by enhancing the face’s natural features, smoothing and tightening the skin, and re-contouring the shape of the face.

How long does it last?

Because of the superiority of the products used at PHI Clinic, and the skill of Dr Patel, patients can reap the rewards 15-18 months after treatment.

Medical Director Dr Tapan Patel, Dr Benji Dhillon & Allergan K.O.L Dr Raj Acquilla have performed this advanced 8 point technique on 100’s of patients, and regularly teach this to many doctors from across the UK and Europe.


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