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Introduction to acne

Acne is an inflammatory disease caused when the sebaceous gland (found in the hair follicle) produces too much oil, or ‘sebum’, bacteria builds up and this can result in a break out.

This is often triggered by hormonal changes, hence why those going through puberty or pregnancy are more prone than others.

It is the most common skin disease, with 95% of people suffering with the effects of acne at some point in their lives.

Most people will have mild acne with occasional break outs; others will have much more severe episodes. It is vital to treat acne effectively and as early as possible to prevent acne scarring.

We aim to manage the majority of our patients using creams and various treatments, avoiding the need for oral medication. However in some resistant cases, stronger medication may be required.

In recent years, the amount of treatments available for acne sufferers has increased. Indeed, results can really be beneficial to patients, improving not only their skin but also their confidence.

What treatment is available?

At PHI we house a wide range of treatments to help control acne. here are two of the most popular treatments for active acne:

Theraclear (Acleara)

One of our most popular treatments is Theraclear (formerly Acleara). It is a device which simultaneously uses a vacuum technique to unblock pores and reduce blackheads, while delivering a blue light which kills bacteria and prevents further infection and spreading.

Obagi ClenziDerm Range

The Obagi ClenziDerm is a medicated range of products which is designed to target acne-prone skin. It contains high levels of active ingredients, such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, which penetrate deep into the problem areas where acne originates.

Click here to find out more options for acne scarring.

At PHI, we tailor every patient’s treatment to suit their individual needs. As well as providing medicated, prescription creams, we also include comprehensive follow-up sessions in the price, so that patients receive full care and advice on their skin system.

Your assigned clinician may decide that a combination of treatments is most beneficial for you, so it is important to address your concerns and desired result in the consultation. The face-to-face consultation allows the practitioner to examine your skin closely and provide you with the best treatment plan.


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