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Introduction to Fat Removal

As we age, some of us may find that they have excess fat in certain areas. These areas are most commonly on the tummy, love handles, outer thighs, hips and under the chin or around the jawline; all of which are areas of the body in which weight is hardest to shift, even if you have undergone further weight loss.

Our patients that seek non-surgical fat reduction procedures may do so because they have excess resistant fat in the said areas, but they are not overweight. They may also seek a restored, youthful facial appearance; a face that has a smooth, tight jawline and high cheeks, before gravity took it’s toll and the fatty layer under the skin dropped lower in the face.

Whats the difference between surgical and non surgical fat removal?

Non-surgical fat removal is an alternative to an invasive procedure such as liposuction, and there are many non-invasive methods that can be used to get rid of any unwanted, excess fat.

There are laser methods including


At PHI we house 2 Cryo lipolysis devices that we can use at the same time to reduce length of treatment.

Laser Lipolysis

Laser Lipo breaks down the fat cells with laser energy, so as the cells can then be safely processed out of the body. PHI Clinic have the most advanced laser Fat Reducing device called Sculpsure. Sculpsure provides a reaction called apoptosis reducing the number of fat cells in the treated areas. The procedure itsefl takes only 25 minutes and can be performed on a lunch break with minimal to no downtime.

If you are considering non-surgical fat removal then the first step is to book in for an initial consultation. During the consultation, you will discuss your expectations and what you wish to achieve from the procedure with the cosmetic doctor that will be administering your treatment. Should you decide to undergo your treatment with us at PHI Clinic, we can ensure you will be treated with the highest levels of care by our experienced members of staff throughout your experience with us.


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