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Fine lines and wrinkles become more prominent as we age. To prevent and reduce the appearance of our furrows and grooves, there are many different anti-ageing solutions we can adopt, whether it is a good skincare regime, a healthy lifestyle and diet, or opting to undergo cosmetic procedures.

Indeed, some of PHI Clinic’s most popular treatments are dermal fillers and botulinum toxin, which help to rejuvenate, ease tension and restore lost volume and structure to the face. Because of the plethora of cosmetic and beauty options available, it is sometimes difficult to determine what actually works and what route to take.

It is very rare for us at PHI Clinic to be balled over by a treatment; we are not won over my gizmos and marketing spiel. However, through our clinicians’ extensive research and continual search for the most beneficial treatments for the patient, we ONLY provide treatments that are worth your time as a patient, driven by results and effectiveness.

What is Radara™?

Harnessing pure, high-grade hyaluronic acid (also used as a compound for dermal filler) Radara™ is a take-home skincare system that you apply yourself to boost your skin, either on its own, or as a support system coupled with treatment.

Hyaluronic is far from scary; it is in fact a molecule existent in our bodies. Similarly to the way collagen production comes to a halt, our bodies’ natural ability to trigger the renewal of our HA levels diminishes as well. HA is responsible for the attraction and retention of water in our skin, which contributes to our youthful, plump, glowing skin in our youth.

By applying Radara™ patches, a series of micro-channels help create access, non-surgically, to the deeper structures. Through these channels the hyaluronic acid serum can be released, restoring and replenishing the levels of HA in our skin. In turn, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are reduced over time.

How many session will I need treatment, and how far apart?

Radara™ is a maintenance treatment that is ongoing. Results are not permanent, but long-lasting. It is suggested that patients apply the serum and patches once, daily. The best time to apply to the patches is of an evening, as part of your nightly skincare routine.

Step 1: Ensure all makeup is removed from the area and that the skin is thoroughly cleansed.


Step 2: Remove the appropriate patches from their box (ones that match your eye shape), peeling off the protective layer and applying gently around the eye. The packaging clearly marks which patch is for which eye. This creates the micro-channels.


Step 3: Smooth the patch over the skin once or twice, gently.


Step 4: Remove the patches, placing them face-up onto the packaging, before applying a small amount (one pump) of the HA serum.


Step 5: Smooth the HA serum onto the area with clean fingers.


Step 6: Reapply the appropriate patches to the area, leaving on for 5 minutes to allow for the HA to penetrate through the micro-channels. Remove after 5 minutes and dispose of the patches.


Am I a suitable candidate?

The ideal candidate for Radara™ treatment would be someone who is concerned about ageing around the eyes, and can be used as both a preventative and corrective action. Who will perform the treatment? Radara™ is a treatment you can apply yourself at home.

However, patches must be provided by PHI Clinic in order for us to assess and monitor your progress. What areas can be treated? Currently, the patches are designed to treat the eye area, primarily the crow’s feet. However, the technology is being developed to encompass more facial and body areas. Is there any downtime?


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