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10 Ways To Prevent Wrinkles

prevent wrinkles

These days, most of us want to think in a little more depth about wrinkle prevention. It seems that many young people rush into cosmetic treatment these days, so if we could provide you with ways to prevent wrinkles, it might just help you with natural ageing and preventing skin damage.

We believe it is very important that young people are educated about the basics of sufficient skincare in order to prevent situations like this.

Skincare and healthy living prevent wrinkles

Between the ages of 16 and 25, I would say that it is important to establish a good skincare routine in order to set up the foundations of healthy skin for years to come. By introducing a strong skincare routine at this early age and maintaining it, you may never need any type of cosmetic treatment at all. However, simply implementing a skincare routine isn’t always necessarily enough. You should ensure that you practice a healthy lifestyle and healthy living.

prevent wrinkles at phi clinic

Sun Damage is a major cause of wrinkles, prevent with SPF.

Smoking and drinking can be a factor

A poor diet, stress, fatigue, smoking, heavy drinking and a lack of exercise all contribute to skin damage, so it is important to keep on top of these. Sun protection is also vital as sun damage is one of the main causes of premature skin ageing, such as wrinkle creases and fine lines.

Over the counter products are a good start, but they are often limited in their capabilities. Products like these have to adhere to certain guidelines, meaning that the ingredient quantities have to be monitored, which has an impact on the overall effect of the product. If you feel you could benefit from some professional advice to help improve your skincare, don’t hesitate in consulting with an experienced doctor here at PHI Clinic. Highly qualified professionals such as these can also prescribe stronger products that target specific skincare needs, if they feel you need them. These are much more effective than over the counter products due to their strength.

Baby Botox & Staying Hydrated

2 litres of water a day is the recommended volume of water to drink per person. In a fast moving world, we can often forget and become dehydrated. Hydrated skin is healthy skin, give the largest organ in your body what it needs at all times.

If the wrinkles are showing, you might consider light applications of Botox® as a preventative measure. At PHI Clinic, we would not recommend treating any patients under 25.

Laser Resurfacing

This treatment is not suitable for our younger patients to treat lines and wrinkles on expression; however, when the wrinkles are still visible when at static expression, laser resurfacing may well be a good option. Laser Resurfacing to treat lines and wrinkles will remove skin cells, stimulating collagen and tightening the skin. Although a popular choice for our more mature patients, it does have an associated downtime of a few days.

Your final 3 tips to prevent wrinkles are oils and fruit.

According to StyleCraze; Coconut oil, castor oil and citrus fruits (although not proven) are listed as potential treatment options to treat wrinkles. By oil means give them a go but nothing beats tried and tested measures to prevent wrinkles.

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