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Laser Hair Removal For Legs

Laser-hair-removal-PHI-Clinic-London 1920 x 1280

Laser treatment in London is an extremely popular method for hair removal. Not only is it quick and less painful than traditional methods, but it also removes up to 90% of the hair permanently. One of the main areas of treatment is leg hair removal, as many enjoy silky smooth pins in the summer months. […]

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Cupid’s Bow Augmentation

Cupids-Bow-Lip-Filler-Treatment-PHI-Clinic 1920 x 1280

While Valentine’s Day only comes once a year, there is always something special about a Cupid’s bow, particularly the one on your lip. Though it has fallen in and out of fashion over the years, a defined Cupid’s bow is a classic hallmark of beauty. However, as we age, the structures and tissues that give […]

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Non-Invasive Fat Removal

non-invasive fat removal with coolsculpting 1920x1280

There is no quick fix to fat removal, whether that’s through the surgical route of liposuction or adopting a health diet plan to get rid of the extra pounds. However, when it comes to non-invasive fat removal, this is simply a myth. There is very little you can do to remove fat without having to […]

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Fat Reduction Surgery

fat-reduction-surgery-PHI-Clinic-London 1920 x 1280

Surgical or non-surgical, that is the question As the body ages, muscles and fat start to move from position, and the skin can become lax. While there are non-surgical treatments available to help tighten skin and reduce fatty deposits, such as M22 fractional Laser, the most effective means of fat reduction remains to be surgery. […]

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Non-Surgical Neck Lift

Non-Surgical Neck Lift PHI Clinic London 1920x1280

Ultraformer is a non-surgical neck lift treatment option for those seeking a natural-looking lift and skin tightening. FDA-cleared to lift the neck, brow and chin, as well as improving the appearance of the décolletage, Ultraformer is favourable among those who are seeking effective results without going under the knife. So how does it work? As […]

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PHI Clinic: The London Laser Clinic

London-Laser-clinic-PH 1920 x 1280

Laser treatments in London PHI Clinic is a high-spec London laser clinic, with the UK’s largest range of non-surgical devices. We offer treatments which target an extensive range of indications and treatments, including – but not restricted to – hair removal, redness and rosacea, skin imperfections, scarring and fine lines and wrinkles. Popular treatments One […]

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Brides magazine UK

Brides magazine uk non surgical nose reshaping review

Deputy Editor of Condé Nast’s Brides Magazine UK, Claudia Waterson, approached Dr Tapan Patel back in November. Having sustained an injury in her youth (participating in a rather boisterous game of netball) her nose caused her a fair bit of insecurity. Stepping into the shoes of a would-be bride, Waterson endeavoured to find treatments that would […]

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