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Quest For Fuller Lips

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There’s no denying the current trend for luscious lips and augmented pouts, with the Jenners being hot off the press every five seconds. But beyond sucking on a bottle (please do NOT try at home!) what options are there for those not blessed with bountiful smackers and Kardashian kissers? And how do you avoid the […]

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How Long Do Dermal Fillers Last? 5 Fun Facts About HA

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Value for Money On the blue moon occasion that you’ve splashed the cash and indulged in a little TLC, it’s important to feel as though you’ve got your money’s worth. And too right – you’ve worked hard for it! So it stands to reason that when considering cosmetic treatment you would like to know how […]

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The Great Divide: What Celebs Say About Botox®

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Raising Eyebrows Botox® is a controversial, yet widely used medicine among both celebrities and the average Joe. Its ability to raise eyebrows – both desirably and in contest – has certainly been note-worthy over the last twenty years or so. But whether or not we are aware of it, we as a society are becoming […]

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The Twilight Sedation Saga

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Is ‘Conscious Sedation’ Life-Threatening? So what is the difference between local, general, IV and twilight sedation? And how do we know that we are in safe hands? At PHI Clinic we believe in informing patients as much as possible, to ensure patients come to an educated and conscious decision. General Anaesthetic Possibly the best known […]

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Sun’s Out, Guns Are Out: VASER Hi-Def at PHI Clinic, London

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What Does VASER Liposuction Involve? VASER Hi-Def liposuction is a desirable alternative to traditional liposuction methods, due to the fact that more areas can be treated in one session, reducing treatment time dramatically. The techniques it employs are much more advanced, also. What Makes It Different From Traditional Liposuction Methods? Unlike traditional methods, VASER liposuction […]

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