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Laser Hair Removal for Back

Unwanted Hair? In certain places, hair can be undesirable and hard to reach. Back hair, in particular, is almost impossible to get rid of yourself, unless you have extendable arms. And who wants to ask their partners and loved ones to help them out with something like that? Not Just For Women And despite what […]

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How To Stop Underarm Sweat

miraDry excessive underarm sweat treatment image

Why do we sweat? When discussing how to stop underarm sweat, it is important to understand what causes sweating in the first place. Sweating is a natural bodily function which helps us cool down if we overheat. It occurs when the chemical acetylcholine travels through the spinal cord and into the eccrine sweat glands all over our […]

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Dermal Fillers or Botox®?

Dermal Fillers Or Botox PHI Clinic 2000x500

If you are considering dermal fillers or Botox for a cosmetic treatment for the first time, or are looking at trying alternative treatments for anti-ageing, it is important to understand what treatment is used for your indications, and the science behind it. How do I know whether I need dermal fillers or Botox? Many people […]

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