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Treat Teeth Grinding With Botox

treat teeth grinding

We see so many patients come to us looking to treat teeth grinding. Teeth grinding does not always result in symptoms or issues, but it may cause jaw pain and discomfort, as well as wear down your teeth over time. Another common concern is the headaches and earaches cause by teeth grinding. Around 70% of all […]

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Wrinkle Injections at PHI Clinic

Wrinkle Treatment Crow's Feet PHI Clinic Botox 1280x500

What is this wrinkle treatment? Botox®, or botulinum toxin, is a prescription drug and purified protein that is used in aesthetic medicine as a wrinkle relaxer, as wall as treating ailments and conditions such as hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), bruxism (teeth grinding) and cerebral palsy. In aesthetic medicine, we can use a series of injections to […]

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Botox Does NOT Have To Leave You Frozen


You may, like the rest of the world, be absolutely besotted with Anna and Elsa’s story, but beyond the obsession with the Disney princesses, no one desires to be frozen – especially after Botox treatment! …But you don’t have to be Frozen Faced. Has no one told you? These myths combined with the bad press […]

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Treat Excessive Sweating with Botox

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Introduction to Excessive Sweating Excessive perspiration is referred to as ‘hyperhidrosis’ in medicine, and while it is not a life-threatening ailment, those who suffer with it will find it impacts a whole array of aspects of their life – from dating to physical activities, from clothing choice to social interactions and self-confidence. Many suffers may not […]

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