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Treatment For Unwanted Fat


Unwanted Fat One of the most frequently treated concerns is excess weight, as it is a bugbear for many. We regularly see patients who wish to get rid of fat but cannot do so through exercise and diet alone. It is often the case that patients seek non-surgical alternatives over surgical procedures, such as liposuction, […]

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How To Stop Sweating

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What is hyperhidrosis? Hyperhidrosis, most commonly referred to as excessive sweating, is a medical condition that, while not life-threatening, does have a significant impact on the sufferer’s life. If you suffer with hyperhidrosis and are tired or forever changing your clothes and having to shower multiple times a day; here’s how to reduce sweating. The […]

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Get Natural Looking Lip Fillers

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Achieving A Natural Looking Lip It is our mission at PHI Clinic London to stamp out the negative press surrounding injectable treatments, such as Botox® and facial fillers. Our goal is to achieve subtle results and deliver natural looking lip fillers. In the past two years or so we have seen a dramatic increase in […]

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