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Wrinkle Filler For The Face

what are dermal fillers

Filler for face could mean a whole plethora of things: generally speaking, a facial filler is anything that volumises and adds structure. In the past, dermal fillers were primarily made of collagen, and had a reputation for being quite clunky. However, these days dermal fillers are much smoother and sleeker, and the way we use […]

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Undereye Bags Treatment

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Being a focal point and key facial feature, it is not surprising that so many have issues with undereye bags and ageing in this area. The skin starts to sag, the eye socket hollows with age, and the skin can become crepey and wrinkled. Around the eyes, the crow’s feet lines and wrinkles become more […]

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What Is Ultherapy Skin Tightening?


Sagging skin and lack of firmness. Sound familiar? We all know the effects of ageing and are all too familiar with its impact on our appearance. And while it is important to accept yourself and feel good in your skin, there are treatments out there that could help you with this. PHI Clinic specialises in […]

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Fat Removal By Laser

Fat removal by laser is increasingly popular, with many of our patients seeking treatment for excess weight and wanting to streamline their figure. PHI Clinic offers a wide range of fat removal and fat reduction treatments, both surgical and non-surgical, and will need to see you for a consultation before we can fully determine the […]

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Skin Laser Treatment Price


Skin laser treatment price depends on a number of different factors: the specific model used, the condition aimed to be treated, the consumable cost, the clinician who carries out the treatment, the time spent doing the treatment, the aftercare package, how many sessions of treatment are needed and the surface area treated. Because of these […]

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