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Obagi Skincare Special

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So many skincare ranges promise perfect skin, and we can all get caught up in morning creams, night creams, and everything in between. A skincare regime can take over if you let it, and it’s easy to be taken in by flashy brands that don’t deliver the results they claim to achieve. Knowing exactly what […]

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What Causes Stretch Marks?

Pregnancy is an amazing experience, as new life is created and brought into the world, but it has its pitfalls, as we all know. One of the most common aesthetic complaints following pregnancy is to do with stretch marks, the red ‘tiger stripes’ that 90% of women are left with. These form due to rapid […]

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Best Jowl Lift Without Surgery

Jowl Lift PHI Clinic Dermal Fillers 2000x500

Jowls are a big indicator of age, on both men and women, and can be a huge source of self-consciousness. This sagging skin has a variety of factors that affect it, and can lie on the jaw or below it, appearing differently from person to person. Some may opt for a surgical face and jowl […]

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Why Is This Bump On My Nose?

bumpy nose

Speaking from experience, a bump on the nose can ruin your self-confidence. I have hated the bump on my nose since I was around 13, when a friend pointed it out while we were staring at ourselves in the mirror of the bathroom at school. I’ve tried using makeup and contouring the area, but my […]

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How To Get Rid Of Bingo Wings At PHI – Treatment Options And Types

fat reduction exercise

Everyone has that friend who endlessly encourages group exercise, whether it be signing up to yoga, boxercise, a step class, or the latest fad in getting fit. It’s no surprise that people’s motives behind going to these exercise classes are usually based around losing weight or toning up, but for some of us, there are […]

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The Ultimate Guide To The Scalpel-Free Facelift

scalpel-free facelift london, uk

Going under the knife can be a daunting prospect for anyone, and thanks to the ever-changing world of cosmetics and the technologies it inspires, this is no longer the only option for improving the look of the face. Gone are the days where a facelift meant days or weeks of bruising, stitches, and bandages, in […]

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Areas Of The Body Where Weight Is Harder To Shift

stomach fat phi clinic london fat freezing

Losing weight can be tough, whether you’re trying to drop a large amount, or just those last few pounds. Everyone on a weight loss journey has their ‘problem’ area, where the fat just won’t shift, no matter how hard you try. It is important to understand that, when trying to lose weight, targeting certain areas […]

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Do You Sweat Too Much

sweaty treatment miradry

Everyone sweats, especially in hot weather, but some of us suffer more than others. Changing clothes and taking showers multiple times a day are necessary for some of us who sweat excessively, and social withdrawal due to embarrassment is an unfortunate side effect of the condition, which can lead, in extreme cases, to mental illnesses […]

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Are Fillers The Only Option For Thin Lips?

Sunken Cheeks Treatment

Thin lips are one of the more noticeable signs of ageing, especially in women, who are the predominant wearers of lipstick and lipgloss. This can affect self-confidence, and increase self-consciousness of the sufferer, especially when thin lips have come about as a result of ageing. Some people swear by cinnamon and honey used like lip […]

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Deep Forehead Wrinkles In Men

deep forehead wrinkles

Men in the media seem either never to age (see Pharrell Williams or Keanu Reeves, who have both inspired conspiracy theories involving vampires and immortality) or those who seem to age much slower than the rest of us (see Leonardo DiCaprio or Pierce Brosnan, the Romeo and Bond who are still Hollywood heartthrobs). A really […]

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Skincare Special – Universkin

skincare phi clinic

The ideal situation for anyone is the quick fulfilment of needs or wishes; you want to walk into a shop and leave with the perfect outfit; walk into a car dealership and drive out with the exact special features you’ve been thinking about. We get this, so we want to give you non nonsense, straightforward […]

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Things To Consider When Seeking A Non Surgical Consultation

consultation phi clinic

A cosmetic non surgical consultations, or the wait leading up to it, can be stressful, so to make it even a little bit easier we have our guidelines for a less stressed you. Research Find out everything you can about the clinic you’re visiting, and the options they have for the treatment of your condition. […]

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What Causes Jowls?

forehead line botox filler london

Jowls can be a concern for many people, male or female, as they are one of the areas that largely contribute to how aged the face looks. There isn’t just one cause of jowls, but rather a few factors that come together to create or worsen the sagging that happens as we mature. Ageing causes […]

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What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite - cellfina - image

Cellulite will affect around 8 out of every 10 women and 1 out of every 10 men at some point in their lives, and it’s a condition that can ruin self confidence. Whether it causes you to ditch the shorts or skirt you’ve always loved, or think twice about that swimming costume, it does affect […]

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Jawline Slimming – An Introduction

Jawline Slimming Introduction PHI Clinic 1920x1279

Our masseter muscles are very useful, there’s no denying that, as they are active when chewing food. But when they become overactive or overused they can cause problems, like a wide jaw. This can be an issue for women in particular, due to a wide or square jaw being seen as an overtly masculine trait, thus […]

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Cheek Enhancement For Sunken Cheeks

sunken cheeks fillers

We all spent time playing dress up when we were young, trying on mother’s gorgeous dresses and her favourite pair of heels (5 sizes too big!), and then standing in front of the mirror with lipstick haphazardly applied not just to the lips but, most of the time, all over cheeks and chins too. For […]

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Treating Loose Skin

phi clinic harley street causes wide jaw

Everyone suffers from saggy skin to an extent, and there is always another person, website, or magazine trying to proffer pieces of advice, and tips to firm up loose skin, but how much of it is really effective? Friends and family may suggest giving up smoking, drinking more water, cutting out certain foods, wearing high […]

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Hydrafacials London

hydrafacial thin lips - lip fillers london

Everyone has fantasised about the perfect skin at some point, seeking every snippet of advice to keep spots away, or get that fresh, youthful glow we all aspire to have. It’s the ultimate dream for many, but so few of the “skin hacks” online or in magazines actually work for every person. Every skincare product […]

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