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The Importance Of Collagen

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At PHI Clinic, we talk about collagen a lot, because we understand just how important it is for you. It makes up around 30% of proteins in your body, and is responsible for skin strength and elasticity, along with elastin. A number of extrinsic (outside) factors can affect the degeneration or decreasing production of collagen […]

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What Causes Pigmentation?

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The skin has two main layers – the epidermis (upper layer) and the dermis (lower layer). At the bottom of the epidermis, we have cells called melanocytes that control and create melanin (pigment) in response to both external and internal stimulus. Changes in hormones, most noticeably in women, can cause conditions like melasma, also called […]

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The Complete Eye Fix

Eye Fix Treatment Dermal Fillers PHI Clinic 1920×775

Tear trough treatment is an eye fix treatment primarily performed with patients that are just beginning to experience signs of tiredness. This would usually be represented in shadowing that forms underneath the eye. As we age we start to lose volume in that area and eyes tend to sink back ever so slightly into the […]

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The Most Likely Causes Of Skin Tags

botox london skin tag moles treatment phi clinic london

Appearing mostly in areas where skin rubs together, skin tags are small fleshy growths that can occur anywhere on the body. Although they are not a danger to health, they can cause significant psychological damage to the sufferer over time, as they can be unsightly. These tags, also called cutaneous papilloma, are made up of […]

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Family And Friends Approval Of Your Cosmetic Choices

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It can be difficult enough when you make a decision about a cosmetic or aesthetic procedure, without having an unsupportive response from friends and family. Frustrating as it is, there are two key steps to resolving the problem, and both require patience and understanding on your part. Either your family and friends are concerned for […]

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PHInd Your Smile

PHInd Your Smile PHI Clinic London Injectables 1919×1047

Humans are social creatures, we love to be with each other, and through the (millions of) years that we have been evolving and developing, we’ve always been smilers. This is why it can be so damaging when someone is self-conscious about a problem to do with smiling. At PHI Clinic, we have a solution to a […]

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Sagging Neck Solutions

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Over the course of history, trends have come and gone. One in particular veers wildly across the ages, and that is the concept of the ‘perfect’ body. One of the oldest surviving works of art is the Venus of Willendorf, a sculpture depicting a voluptuous woman displays the trend of the time (around 28,000 BCE). […]

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How Do You Get Flawless Skin?

Laser Hair Removal -DEEP FX - Laser Resurfacing - Skin Treatment image

Flawless skin is often seen as smooth, pigmentation free, and with even tone, and in the past has been an unachievable goal, but with the increase in aesthetic technology, has become increasingly available. With the largest amount of devices in the UK, PHI Clinic is equipped to address a wide range of concerns. […]

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How Injectables Can Change The Chin?

How Injectables Can Change Chin PHI Clinic 1920x1280

Injectables is a generic term used to refer to anything that is introduced into the skin using a needle, and specifically here at PHI Clinic, concerns Botox and dermal fillers. Injectables can change and treat a range of problems, most notably on the face, but also the armpits, hands, and décolletage. Dermal fillers are used […]

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Expected And Unexpected Causes Of Saggy Skin

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Ageing can be split into two categories; intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic is maturation that happens naturally, like the slipping of fat pads and muscle weakening, whereas extrinsic describes outside factors that influence the way your body acts or reacts. A plethora of factors come together to affect the severity of sagging skin as an ageing […]

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The No Knife Nose Job

No Knife Nose Job PHI Clinic London Dermal Filler 1920x960

A bump on nose, or dorsal hump, can affect the self-confidence of the sufferer, as can nasal asymmetry. These problems can be solved in a number of ways, and even hidden very temporarily with the right contouring and photo angles, but there is some debate about the most effective solution; we propose the no knife […]

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