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The Best Tear Trough Treatment Prices

tear trough treatment prices

When looking for tear trough treatments, as for any treatment, it can be tempting to favour lower prices. This can be potentially dangerous though, as you get what you pay for; an unskilled professional or substandard product, for example. There are certain factors you should understand when looking at tear trough treatment prices: […]

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CoolSculpting Petite

Harley Street fat freezing

PHI Clinic is delighted to announce that we have introduced the latest technological advance in CoolSculpting technology by acquiring the new CoolSculpting Petite. We now have the most comprehensive range of CoolSculpting devices, to include DualSculpting (two devices working simultaneously to enable the patient to have two areas treated at one time) the CoolMini (the […]

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The Complete Forehead Treatment

complete forehead treatment london

Forehead lines are a strong indicator of age, and can make the sufferer appear mature past their years. Take Gordon Ramsay, arguably one of the most famous TV chefs in the UK, as well as being increasingly popular in the USA. His forehead lines are renowned, and he wears them well, with pride, but not […]

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Non-Surgical Jawline Slimming

non-surgical jawline slimming

The masseter muscle, or the muscles that are located around the jaw, can sometimes be over-exercised, meaning an increase in the heavy appearance of the jaw treatable at PHI with non-surgical jawline slimming. With light applications of Botox, we can prevent that muscle from tensing, and with quite astounding results, provide a much slimmer, more […]

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