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Tear Trough Treatment Testimonial

tear trough treatment testimonial nonsurgical london

For a solution to eye bags and puffiness around the eyes, the last thing you might expect to help is dermal fillers, but light, specific application can drastically affect their appearance for the better. This great tear trough treatment review and article written by Lynne Hyland, as tested on Susanna Galton, demonstrates just how beneficial […]

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Getting Rid Of Crow’s Feet Without Botox

Reducing Crow's Feet Without Botox 1919×1126

The most common treatment to affect problems like crow’s feet is Botox, but we completely understand that there may be some of you that do not wish to undergo a procedure such as injecting Botox, not agreeing with the idea of a foreign substance being placed under the skin. Everybody has the right to their […]

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PHI Triple Repair Therapy Review

Ultrafomer Ultrasound Treatment image Tighten Skin Triple repair

One of treatment we introduced this year at PHI Clinic is the PHI Triple Repair Therapy, unique to us, that is used to improve skin texture and tone, and have a rejuvenating effect. We have received overwhelmingly positive reactions to this new treatment, from both existing and new clients, and encourage every patient to share […]

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