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Botox Injections Around The Mouth

botox mouth injections

The mouth, as one of the key features of the face, can be the first thing people look at, and as such is a feature that people can worry or obsess about. The concerns we most commonly see in patients here at the clinic are gummy smile, cobbled chin, and drooping mouth corners, which can […]

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Smile Lines And Crow’s Feet Treatment

Smile Lines Crow's Feet Treatment

Crow’s feet are the punchline to so many jokes in the media, on TV shows and in films, with many people growing up with the resounding sense that they are a negative entity. These lines next to the eyes are also called smile lines, as they are most visible during a grinning expression. […]

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Harley Street Fat Freezing

fat freezing harley street london

Harley Street fat freezing can sound like an intimidating prospect, but it is praised for the results it yields as a non-invasive alternative to traditional liposuction. Non-surgical interventions have been gaining traction in recent years, with more and more people preferring to have treatments that don’t involve scalpels over those that do. Fat freezing treatments […]

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Non Surgical Love Handle Removal

love handle treatment harley street

Love handles are one of the main areas of concern for so many of the patients who come to us seeking targeted fat reduction. The main priority for these clients is non surgical love handle removal, to reduce the appearance of these stubborn pockets of fat found on the hips. […]

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Can Botox® Treatment Be Used To Add Volume?

botox treatment add volume

There’s a lot of publicity and excitement surrounding Botox treatment in the media, both positive and negative, which means that there are naturally going to be some misconceptions. These are usually greater for Botox® than for anything else, due to its cosmetic nature and the way tabloid papers and magazines cover these treatments. A common […]

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Can Botox® Fix All Wrinkles?

Botox Fix Wrinkles

Botox® injections are known almost universally, its effects covered routinely in every tabloid and magazine present on the shelves, but it is often misunderstood, or confused with other treatments, like dermal fillers. Botox® is a brand name for Botulinum Toxin Type A, a neurotoxin, that when used by skilled practitioners can temporarily paralyse muscles to […]

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Non-Surgical Nose Job To Get Rid Of A Raised Dorsal Hump

non surgical raised dorsal hump

More and more people are looking to non-surgical alternatives to get rid of a raised dorsal hump, whether they fear surgery, don’t want the downtime, or don’t feel ready to go under the knife. Between 2015 and 2016, the number of nose job procedures performed in the UK rose by 14%, from 3728 to 4205 and […]

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Excessive Sweating Injections

excessive treatment phi clinic london

Estimates of the amount of the population that suffer from excessive sweating range anywhere from 3% to over 5%, but no matter how many people have the condition, there is a way to reduce how affected the individual is by it. Axillary hyperhydrosis, or excessive underarm sweating, can be a very problematic condition, causing discomfort […]

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Non Surgical Liposuction Procedures


Losing weight is such an empowering journey for so many people, and the toning up that follows can instil self-confidence in even the most timid of people. This can make it even more frustrating when you are left with stubborn pockets of fat that can’t be shifted by a healthy diet and regular exercise regime. […]

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