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Dermal Filler Tear Trough Treatment

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As we age, fat pads in the face shift and shrink, and a reduction in collagen means skin can start to sag. This natural change in the way our face looks can lead to dark circles beneath the eyes, or puffiness, potentially creating a tired look. Dermal filler tear trough treatment is an established option […]

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ThermiVa Intimate Rejuvenation

intimate rejuvenation thermiva kardashian1920x1260

Intimate rejuvenation was shot to public fame with the Kardashians, as the oldest sisters discussed ThermiVa candidly on the show Kocktails With Khloe. As more and more women feel comfortable opening up about their intimate health, there has been a reduction in the stigma surrounding the conversations and an increase in the number of people […]

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Chin Augmentation With Dermal Filler

chin augmentation 1920x1280

Chin augmentation is probably not the first treatment that may spring to mind when thinking of dermal fillers, but it is a procedure that can significantly affect the appearance of the face. For the most part, this treatment is performed in order to improve the balance of the face, both from straight on and in […]

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Nose Types

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There are 6 main nose types that have been identified in humans, and many more variations within these initial categories. Rhinoplasty, or surgical nose augmentation, was one of the earliest performed surgeries, dating back as far as 800 BCE. In recent years, the improvement of non-surgical cosmetic technologies has meant that there are now more […]

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Dermal Filler Lip Treatment

Lip Treatment london dr tapan 1920x1280

Lip fillers are a hot topic, with seemingly every demographic seeing an increase in requesting the treatment, but as this increases, so do sensational headlines about these treatments going wrong. As there is more demand of lip treatment, we often see practitioners pop up that do not have the knowledge or capability to perform them […]

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Volite Skin Moisturising Treatment

volite skin moisturising treatment 1920x1280-2

As our face is usually the area that is most exposed to the elements, it can often be the first casualty of the weather. Freezing temperatures and harsh winds outside, coupled with dry air inside, can wreak havoc on our skin, resulting in dryness and redness. Moisturisers are beneficial all year round to combat this, […]

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Full Face Dermal Fillers

full-face-dermal-fillers-Dr Tapan 1920x1280

Most people know about dermal fillers, and could probably name a treatment that uses them, but fewer are aware of the significant effects they can have when used to rejuvenate the face. As well as targeted therapies like lip enhancement and non-surgical nose augmentation, fillers can be used in a non-surgical facelift, or full face […]

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Botulinum Toxin Wrinkle Treatment

botulinum toxin wrinkle treatment 1920x1280

As there is a lack of definite statistics on non-surgical cosmetic procedures in the UK, it is hard to precisely estimate exactly what treatment is the most popular, but we can make an educated guess based on trends, the patients we see ourselves, and discussion between professionals. Botulinum toxin wrinkle treatment is certainly one of […]

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Reduce Excessive Sweating

reduce excessive sweating 1920x1280

While, for many, sweating is largely resigned to the warm summer months, around 5% of the population suffer from hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. For this section of the population, sweating is a year round issue that can be uncomfortable or embarrassing, and affect one’s social and work life. At PHI, we offer two treatments that […]

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