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Dermal Filler Rhinoplasty

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Dermal filler rhinoplasty has come to the forefront of the aesthetic community in recent years, with more and more people favouring the treatment over its surgical counterpart.The non-surgical nose job is an increasingly popular treatment that can improve the shape, symmetry, and even the apparent size of the nose in one short appointment. Outcomes are […]

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Pulsed Dye Laser Review

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The pulsed dye laser is a minimally invasive treatment for vascular concerns like flushing and rosacea. This treatment uses long pulses of energy which are attracted to the redness in skin to cauterise the targeted veins for a reduction in the appearance of these concerns, for a refreshed outcome. We use the V Beam laser, […]

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Dermal Filler Aftercare

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When we welcome new patients into the clinic for a filler consultation with our injectable clinicians, we always discuss pre-treatment advice and dermal filler aftercare recommendations, in order to be as thorough as possible. We see these consultations as a vital opportunity for you to learn about potential treatment so you can make an informed […]

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Nadine Baggott Interview

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Recently, we had the pleasure of welcoming Nadine Baggott into the clinic for a discussion with Dr Tapan about dermal fillers. They filmed a Q&A video in which the doctor answered a selection of questions posed by Nadine’s followers, which can be found on her YouTube channel. Below are some examples of a selection of […]

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Fast Laser Hair Removal

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In the past, removing body hair has meant resorting to time-consuming and often uncomfortable methods like waxing and shaving to achieve smooth legs and underarms. More recently, lasers have become commonplace, but these could also offer some discomfort and lengthy treatment times. However, there is now a fast laser hair removal device, the Soprano Titanium, […]

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Nose Hump Correction With Dermal Fillers

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Nose hump correction can be a procedure that doesn’t even enter people’s heads when thinking of dermal filler treatments, but it can have an astounding effect on the appearance of one’s nose, especially in profile. These procedures should only ever be performed by a highly experienced injector, you can read our blog about choosing the […]

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Non Surgical Facelift Testimonial

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We love reading reviews from our patients following their treatments, it’s wonderful to hear real accounts of our client’s experiences. This particular review is a non surgical facelift testimonial from a 45 year old woman who came to us seeking an improvement in the appearance of age-related sagging on the face. […]

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