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Ultrasound Skin Treatments

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While ultrasound technology is a recognised household term, with many people having at least some understanding of how it works and identifying its uses (sonograms, etc.), it is less well known that it can be used for aesthetic purposes. Ultrasound skin treatments can have a tightening and lifting effect when applied to target areas for […]

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Non Surgical Treatments For Brides

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A wedding day is one of the most special days in anyone’s life, and the photos taken and memories made will last a lifetime. This is undoubtedly why so many brides are choosing to seek out non surgical treatments prior to their big day to address a range of concerns without the need for lengthy […]

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Facetune Treatment

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We recently welcomed Lynne Hyland into PHI for what she refers to as a ‘Facetune treatment’, or full face dermal fillers.It’s always a pleasure to welcome journalists into the clinic, in order to be able to spread a little more education around cosmetic treatments to the public.  Here, you can read a snippet of her […]

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