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“I Don’t Need Big Lips To Be Happy”

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The desire for big lips has become a popular trend influenced by the media, leading to an upsurge in both men and women seeking to plump and volumised their lips through dermal fillers. But why? Over the years trends have come and gone, from idolising Madonna’s bright red lip in the 80’s, to lining your […]

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10 years younger in 10 days

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Beauty lays beneath the skin and radiates out from somewhere deep inside us, often expressed in our deeds, our attitude to life, and ultimately visible upon our faces. However, for most of us to be truly happy within, we also like to have the same grace and winsomeness reflected upon our features. Sometimes though, life […]

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What Is A Full Face Filler Treatment?

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Dermal fillers are an increasingly popular treatment, perhaps due to celebrities in the media being more forthcoming about their enhancements. It seems that everyone knows about lip fillers, and to a lesser extent cheek, chin, and nose fillers, but fewer people are aware that these products can be used for a non-surgical facelift, also called […]

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Jawline Botox On Harley Street

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Jawline Botox for masseter action for slimming and even teeth grinding Jawline Botox for a wide jaw is an often overlooked use of botulinum toxin, which many people solely associate with anti-wrinkle treatments. Botox is a neurotoxin that blocks activity of the targeted muscle to reduce its activity, in this case the masseter. When the […]

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Are there any vegan friendly dermal fillers?


Both non-surgical cosmetic procedures and veganism have increased in popularity in recent years, making it natural that the two will meet at some point. So are there any vegan friendly dermal fillers? First, it’s vital to outline the parameters of what ‘vegan’ means. Dietary veganism involves avoiding animal products in food, with ethical veganism extending […]

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