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Why Don’t We Talk About Male Body Image?

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We tend to start the new year by setting out new year’s resolutions with goals and achievements to be completed by the end of the year, with many resolutions involving body image. Whether that’s to lose or gain weight, in a world consumed by social media we are told how to look and what suits […]

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Why Am I Getting Mask Acne?

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  After spending several months in lockdown, we are slowly adjusting to a new way of living as face coverings have become the new norm. However, this may cause irritation to the skin creating “maskne”. As a result, this is causing a spot of bother for some, as covering the skin for a long period […]

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“I Hate My Face On Zoom Calls!”

I Hate My Face On Zoom Calls PHI Clinic London 1920x1280

Whilst the nation is battling with their internet connection as a tool to replace social interaction, the next battle concerns how people are then perceiving themselves across these networking sites. This time last year, no one had heard of Zoom but over recent months, Zoom has been the go to for the Friday night quizzes […]

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“I Don’t Need Big Lips To Be Happy”

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The desire for big lips has become a popular trend influenced by the media, leading to an upsurge in both men and women seeking to plump and volumised their lips through dermal fillers. But why? Over the years trends have come and gone, from idolising Madonna’s bright red lip in the 80’s, to lining your […]

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