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How To Lose Belly Fat Just In Time For Summer

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Summer is coming and like many of us, we may be wanting to shift any belly fat that may have occurred during the lockdown period. We have all used the gym being closed as an excuse to delve into the sweet cupboard now and again, but with the world soon opening up, we begin to […]

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Revolutionary Skin Tightening Treatment With Endolift

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As we age, we begin to lose collagen under the skin, losing plumpness and volume in the face which can create the appearance of jowls and even eye bags. This is a concern we see a lot at PHI Clinic, and we have a range of skin tightening treatment options in order to be able […]

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How Old Is Too Old For A Non-Surgical Facelift?

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As a child we spend our time saying we can’t wait to grow up, but now we’re adults we look back fondly as we now spend our time chasing our youth. Whilst anti-ageing creams and skincare regimes aim to revive a youthful look, for some, these temporary solutions fail to restore a youthful look leading […]

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“I Wanted To Save Money, So I Got A Cheap Treatment”

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Whilst a trip to town to purchase the latest skincare and beauty products can be a temporary alternative to going under the knife, contouring and anti-aging creams can only seem to get you so far. However for some, a quick fix may be desirable to those taking cost into consideration, which can lead to some […]

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