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5 Tips to Avoid Trout Pout

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Trout Pout? Duck Lips? No, thank you!


It’s easy to see why lips are a focal point of the face; our smile, our laughter – they all draw attention to this area. While fuller lips can be associated with sexuality, beauty, and warmth, there are perhaps those who take this a little too far. In recent years there have been numerous, often cruel, tabloid features on celebrities with a “ trout pout ” and reality TV shows endorsing this over-the-top look. If the lips are overfilled, however, they can look less favourable.

So, at what stage is it too much? We believe in natural-looking, subtle results here at PHI Clinic. We love it when people say: “Wow! You look great!” instead of: “Gosh! Who did that?” We always aim to enhance natural features, not create an entirely different look. This has proven to be extremely beneficial for our patients, as their relatives and friends do not always notice they’ve had cosmetic work done, but have noticed an improvement in their look overall.


Before and After at PHI

Lip Fillers Dermal Fillers1

Lip Fillers Dermal Fillers

5 things ALL dermal filler patients need to check:

1. What products are being used?


If more robust products are being used in the lips, there runs the risk of this exaggerated trout pout look, and it can in fact pull down on the lips and contribute to jowls. The best products for lips are those which are silky, fine and malleable.

At PHI, we use gold standard dermal fillers: the Juvéderm® range by Allergan. Not only are they made from a natural substance (hyaluronic acid), they are also refined and adjusted to suit specific treatment areas. For the lips, the most popular fillers of the Juvéderm range are Volbella to add volume, and Volift to create a more augmented look.


2. Who is injecting?

The lips are so easy to mess up if the wrong person is injecting. The best way to find out is by researching clinicians, looking at their portfolio and their credentials. If you are still unsure by the amount of information accessible on the internet, why not visit the clinic and speak to those who will be performing the treatment? A professional clinician will assess you fully before providing treatment.

Dr Tapan Patel is one of the most highly skilled injectors in the country, having performed thousands of treatments over the last 17 years. He was also affirmed as a top injector for two years in a row.


3. Where am I being treated?

I’m not just talking about the look of the place, you need to feel that the area you are being treated in is sanitary, clean, and discrete. There are certain safety regulations that any practitioner should have in place, but sadly this is not always the case.

Yes, PHI Clinic is pristine white; it is hygienic and clinical. But, there is also a welcoming, warm feel as you enter our doors. We want to ease patients’ nerves and make sure they not only go into treatment feeling calm, but also fully-informed.

4. How am I going to be injected?

It is not just down to the accreditation of the doctor; they also need to be artistic. Unlike traditional medicine and surgery, cosmetic work is all about enhancing your natural assets, about refining, adjusting and rejuvenating.

Dr Tapan trains delegates internationally on how to inject. His work is renowned for being subtle, natural-looking and artistic.

5. What am I going to get out of treatment?

If you go to a fast food outlet, you know what to expect: express food, express customer care and a burger that is, yes, tasty, but not exactly great for you. It comes at a low cost though, and many of us like the cheap and cheerful aspect of it. If you go to a Michelin star restaurant, however, you expect the finest quality produce, exquisitely designed food that is plated up to perfection, and unparalleled service.

You will never find PHI Clinic on price comparison sites, or discount directories. We do not believe that Bargain Bucket treatment suffices, and will always match our prices according to the skill of the practitioner and their experience, as well as the products used, time spent on treatment, and the technicality involved in each procedure.

If you are looking to have dermal filler treatment, especially in the lip area, it is crucial that you do your research and see someone who is dedicated to giving you the results you wish to see and so rightly deserve so you can avoid the extreme trout pout appearance.

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