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8 Point Facelift Fillers

Ageing Faces

Signs of facial ageing is a concern for many. This stands to reason when you think that the face is the most visible part on one’s body. It is the first thing people see when you they look at you, and we use our faces to channel emotion and expression.

As we age, the fat and deeper structures migrate south, causing skin laxity and wrinkles. The use of dermal fillers can not only add volume, but also help reposition and restore lost support in the face.

The Revolutionary 8 Point Lift Technique

The 8 Point Facelift fillers are the most advanced, supple dermal fillers on the market, results at the PHI Clinic, 102 Harley Street are subtle and sleek, durable yet temporary.


Dr Tapan Patel is an expert at the 8 Point Lift, teaching his injecting skills on the international stage. This method focuses on the key facial areas where patients tend to age most, but is tailored to the individual.

PHI Clinic: Our Goal

Our name, which derives from the Greek letter PHI, encompasses our goal to achieve natural-looking beauty and enhancements. We want our patients to feel good and look revived, but not completely different. Discretion is something we pride ourselves on – not just in terms of patient confidentiality and care, but also in terms of treatment and signs of cosmetic procedures.

The demand for this treatment comes from the fact that visible results are achievable straight after treatment, there is little to no downtime, patients do not need surgery, and the effects of the 8 Point Facelift fillers lasts but is not permanent.

Benefits of Treatment at PHI Clinic

The benefit of having your treatment with us, is that we are a reputable, award-winning clinic with state-of-the-art equipment and highly-trained medical professionals. Patient satisfaction is paramount to us, and we believe in making patients’ journeys and treatments memorable – for all the right reasons!

Consultations are always carried out by your assigned practitioner, and never with a sales representatives. Because of this, you have access to expert advice, incomparable patient care, and outstanding service.

Your Consultation at PHI Clinic

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Please call 0207 034 5999 to discuss treatment further and to schedule your personal consultation with Dr Tapan Patel.

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