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The 8 Point Lift : Changing Opinions and Faces

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When looking in the mirror, some question where has the time gone as naturally the skin appears aged and tired as collagen is lost in the skin causing the skin to sag resulting in some seeking an 8 point lift treatment.

Whilst anti-ageing creams help to moisturise and create some form of temporary firmness to the skin, in order to achieve a lasting and effective result, this temporary solutions fail to penetrate below the skin for an effective result.

Dermal Fillers - non surgical fillers juvederm

Dermal Fillers

In recent years, public perception of dermal fillers has improved massively. No longer are we petrified of coming out of treatment looking like a duck, or having visible bulges on our face so that we look disfigured. Thanks to qualified aesthetic dermatologists, such as PHI Clinic’s Medical Director, Dr Tapan Patel, and the revision of the products that are used, it is achievable to get natural-looking, subtle results, as well as reviving our facial features.

At PHI we use a new generation of dermal fillers: the Juvéderm range from Allergan, the world leaders of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic products. They create a naturally beautiful effect and their advance products contain Lidocaine to help numb the treated area simultaneously during treatment. This has proven to improve patients’ experience.

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How does the 8 point lift work?

The 8 Point Lift, is an innovative technique that has been adopted by Dr Tapan Patel.

Referred to as the ‘non-surgical facelift’, the 8 Point Lift uses the most advanced non-surgical techniques to lift and rejuvenate the face, creating a much more youthful appearance. The real appeal of this treatment is that our patients have seen desirable results, without having to go under the knife which many people are concerned with when seeking treatment.

The treatment works by enhancing the face’s natural features, smoothing and tightening the skin, and re-contouring the shape of the face.

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PHI Clinic London

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