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The 8 Point Lift : Changing Opinions and Faces

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The 8 Point Lift AKA ‘Non-Surgical Facelift’

There comes a moment in every person’s life when they look in the mirror and start to notice signs of ageing. Our skin starts to sag, wrinkle and crease; it becomes dull and lifeless and everything seems to move downwards and out of place. At this point, there are a number of options; the 8 point lift, anti-ageing creams, surgery, device treatments, and more.

Our cabinets and bedside tables begin to fill up with various lotions and potions to reverse these tell-tale signs; we invest hundreds on ‘dream’ products and try out all the latest gimmicks on the market to help us regain our looks, and often these solutions are futile. Yes, they may provide a placebo effect and make us feel better about ourselves – we are at least attempting to salvage what remains of our former selves, after all – but in amongst all this, we are perhaps overlooking or avoiding more permanent solutions that could rid us of these bugbears.

The DL on Dermal Fillers

In recent years, public perception of dermal fillers has improved massively. No longer are we petrified of coming out of treatment looking like a duck, or having visible bulges on our face so that we look disfigured. Thanks to qualified aesthetic dermatologists, such as PHI Clinic’s Medical Director, Dr Tapan Patel, and the revision of the products that are used, it is achievable to get natural-looking, subtle results, as well as reviving our facial features.

At PHI we use a new generation of dermal fillers: the Juvéderm range from Allergan, the world leaders of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic products. They create a naturally beautiful effect and their advance products contain Lidocaine to help numb the treated area simultaneously during treatment. This has proven to improve patients’ experience.

How Can The 8 Point Lift Make Me Look Younger?

The 8 Point Lift, or ‘non-surgical facelift’, is an innovative technique that has been adopted by Dr Tapan Patel.

Referred to as the ‘non-surgical facelift’, the 8 Point Lift uses the most advanced non-surgical techniques to lift and rejuvenate the face, creating a much more youthful appearance. The real appeal of this treatment is that our patients have seen desirable results, without having to go under the knife.

The treatment works by enhancing the face’s natural features, smoothing and tightening the skin, and re-contouring the shape of the face.


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