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Areas Of Stubborn Fat

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If there’s one thing we all have in common when we reach the tender age of 30, it’s that we may start to see some stubborn pockets of fat that may not have been apparent before. Due to work or other commitments, diet and exercise may slip, but it is imperative that we keep up valuable exercise and understand that any treatments that target areas of stubborn weight must be prefixed with a healthy diet and exercise, otherwise treatments could become neither time- nor cost-effective.

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Areas of the body in which weight is harder to shift

If you are in the large percentage of patients that do maintain their diet and exercise but are still struggling to target specific areas of stubborn fat then there are potential solutions for you. Areas of the body in which weight is harder to shift are primarily around the abdominal area, this may be between the navel and the groin, around the outer sides going towards the back (“love handles”), around the buttocks and thighs and the inner thigh area, as well as the arms.

If, despite diet and exercise, you are still seeing stubborn areas of fat that are much more difficult to shift in specific areas, you may be a candidate for non-surgical intervention.

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Sculpting Treatment

At PHI Clinic, we possess a number of technologies that work to provide a reaction in the body called apoptosis – this is essentially the destruction of fat cells (not all, but some). The theory behind treatments such as this is that in the areas where we are gathering more weight, we will be housing more fat cells. Treatments like cryolipolysis and laser lipolysis cause the apoptosis, which destroys some of those fat cells, meaning that the patient should receive a much more contoured result, and even in future when experiencing fat gain, will see considerably less fat in those areas.

Treatments that are non-surgical that cause apoptosis should be considered more of a sculpting treatment than a weight loss treatment, and it is vital that you have a mandatory consultation with a practitioner who is skilled and qualified that can determine the right method or approach for you.

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Mandatory Consultation

At PHI Clinic, we house brands such as CoolSculpting, which we have found to be very effective among a large percentage of our patients.

If you would wish to book a consultation, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team at the clinic. You can do this by phoning us on 0207 034 5999 or logging an enquiry through our website.

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