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Beauti-PHI LaseMD Combination Treatment

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Our new recommendation for glowing skin is the Beauti-PHI LaseMD combination. Bringing together two skin health giants, this treatment is the ultimate in encouraging a fresh complexion with no harsh chemicals involved. Both treatments are known to reverse signs of skin damage, and can be used regularly to maintain results.

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Beauti-PHI Peel

The Beauti-PHI Peel uses a three-step process to clear skin, first removing surface dirt and oils, before employing diamond-tipped microdermabrasion and application of topical serums to reduce ingrained dirt from pores. The treatment concludes with a blue and red LED light session, which kills acne-causing bacteria and encourages healthy collagen production.

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LaseMD is a specially designed cosmeceutical delivery system that helps to supply healing ingredients deep into skin where they can be more effectively absorbed. This provides an ideal environment for products like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Resveratrol to heal skin from the inside out.

LaseMD can be used to target concerns like scarring, pigmentation, and redness, as well as to give a refreshed appearance in a non-invasive treatment with no downtime.

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Beauti-PHI LaseMD Combination Treatment

When used in conjunction with one another, the Beauti-PHI Peel and LaseMD can improve skin quality, with results sometimes visible within 24 hours. The combination treatment takes 90 minutes in total, and has no downtime, though we recommend avoiding applying makeup for 24 hours following treatment.

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Book A Consultation

For more information about either of these treatments or to book your Beauti-PHI LaseMD combination consultation, you can contact us by logging an enquiry through our website, emailing info@phiclinic.com, or calling us directly on 0207 034 5999.

Beauti-PHI and LaseMD sessions can also be used separately, but cannot be performed without first seeing an aesthetic therapist for an in depth consultation to determine your skin’s unique needs.

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