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5 Ways To Achieve Beautiful Skin

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Pressure to retain or restore one’s youthful look is on the rise, with celebrity culture (and the access the public have to their lives) arguably becoming less restricted. Only last week the media pounced on Reneé Zelwegger for her “unrecognisable” appearance on the red carpet of ELLE’s Women in Hollywood Awards. It seems as though the public and the press alike feel they hold the right to attack, comment and intervene when celebrities change their looks or – how dare they! – age.


More “average Joe” than “(Angelina) Jo-lie”

So what hope does that give to us ordinary folk? We may not all be stepping out of limousines, donning an Oscar de la Renta gown on a daily basis, but there is still an underlying pressure to look good, even if we have inflicted it upon ourselves.

Perhaps this should be a wake-up call; instead of thinking that we should remain forever young, why don’t we simply attempt to look good for our respective ages? After all, a forty-five year old is still forty-five, even after applying moisturiser (sorry to break it to you). Trying to halve our real ages or reclaim the face that we once had in our youth seems a little bizarre, doesn’t it?


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From PHI to you: how to get beautiful skin – NOT “a twenty-year-old’s skin”…

…unless you are twenty, of course!


1. Prevention is key: use a good anti-oxidant

Especially for those living in a city environment, antioxidants provide essential protection from free radicals, like pollution and stress. Free radical damage attacks individual skin cells, meaning they are continually borrowing electrons from their neighbouring cells. This vicious cycle causes ongoing skin damage. A good antioxidant replenishes the skin cell, stopping it from pinching the goodness from elsewhere on your body. Nifty, huh?

2. Use sun block come rain or shine

While most of us apply sun block during the summer months spent on the beach, the majority do not continue to apply these solutions as soon as autumn kicks in. It is important to apply a broad spectrum sun block throughout the year – even when it’s pouring down with rain! Sun screen works to block harmful UVA and UVB rays, preventing skin damage and reducing the risk of skin cancer. There are lots of different types of sun blocks available now, including tinted moisturisers which include an SPF, so there is no excuse not to apply it!

3. Cleanse your skin every day

That’s right folks – something as simple as washing your face, making sure you target the grime that builds up on a daily basis, can do wonders for your skin.

4. Know your skin type

If you notice that your skin tends to get quite shiny by the middle of the day, make sure you are using skincare products that have little to no oil content. Likewise, if you have dry skin, make sure you are using hydrating products which will help sooth itchiness and reduce flaking.

5. Drink lots of water

The key to beautiful skin is water. It’s so basic and something many of us know to be a solution to dry, tired, dull-looking skin. But let’s be honest, how many of us actually drink the stuff religiously? Even if you increase your daily intake of water by a glass each day, that is better than nothing.


So, if you also believe in making the best of what you have instead of remoulding yourself to be the you of yesteryear, join us in the fight.

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