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The current media attention on celebrities who may or may not have had ‘work done’, extreme before and after shots, and celebrity beauty treatments that flood our Instagram feeds have deposited us in an era of ‘society-driven’ aesthetic medicine. Like it or not, celebrity culture and the media now influence many of the beauty trends that are seen in aesthetic practice today.

However, is sifting through Instagram or scouring through magazines the best way to choose a treatment that could potentially alter your appearance? Dr Tapan of PHI Clinic recommends that choosing treatments and the practitioner who carries it out should be based on an informed, educated decision.

In an interview with Sali Hughes, our medical director, Dr Tapan Patel, laid out the following steps for selecting the right treatment, the right products and most importantly how to select the best medical aesthetic practitioner.

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The Consultation

At PHI Clinic, the consultation process is the most important part of your journey. It is essential that the consultation is face to face with the practitioner who will actually perform your treatment. The doctor will discuss your concerns with you and manage patient expectations; while many patients request that they do not want to appear different but they want to see results (influenced by the latest beauty trends), Dr Tapan explains that these are often two opposite sides of the coin. Although a good aesthetic practitioner will always aim for natural and subtle results, at PHI,
“Our goal is to make patients the best version of themselves.”

If a patient wants a very dramatic improvement, it may be that the patient is actually looking for a surgical option and an ethical injector will be very clear about the expectations of any procedure. During the consultation, the doctor will discuss treatment options and draw up a treatment plan setting out expectations clearly. Following the consultation, Dr Tapan highly recommends a cooling-off period before commencing treatment. This means the patient can take in the information they have been given without feeling pressured and make a measured decision about their options, uninfluenced by current beauty trends.

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The Cost

If a clinic or practitioner offers discounted treatments, be very careful about proceeding. Dr Tapan cautions that offering medical treatments at a reduced rate usually means there is a compromise in either the skill and experience of the injector, the standards of the products, or a reduction in aftercare. In other words, you get what you pay for.

The market has been flooded with cheap dermal filler products which, when injected, can prevent the natural formation of facial expressions and give a harsh, unnatural appearance, or do not last for very long. Dr Tapan implores people not to take risks with their faces and at PHI Clinic the practitioners combine reputable products that have stood the test of time with innovative treatments and constantly maintained high skill standards.

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The Treatment

The first five to ten minutes of your treatment session should be spent going over the treatment plan again to be sure the patient fully understands the nature of the treatment and can give clear consent. The doctor will explain potential side effects, for instance, some treatments may cause bruising, although most patients need no downtime and can return to normal activities on the same day or the next. At PHI Clinic, this is thanks to gentle products used and the expert administering of them.

Once the treatment is completed you will be offered a follow-up appointment. Any aftercare routines will be carefully explained and assurance is given that any queries or questions that may arise in the days or weeks after your treatment will be happily addressed as one of our valued patients.

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Find Out More

For more information about aesthetic treatments, or to book a consultation at PHI Clinic, you can call us on 02070345999 and we will be delighted to help you.

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