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Bespoke Skincare Brands

Bespoke Skincare Brands

Opting for a bespoke skincare system, as opposed to generic, mass-produced beauty lotions, is definitely the way forward. Removing the baffling beauty aisles and ready-to-pounce sales assistants, we believe tailored skincare ensures happiness and skin health.

PHI Clinic Introduces UniverSkin

The scientifically-proven and pioneering UniverSkin range is leading the way when it comes to bespoke skincare brands.


Designed, tested and modified by top french dermatologists and doctors, UniverSkin delivers unparalleled results by identifying your skin’s needs and problem areas.

PHI Clinic exclusively supplies UniverSkin personalised serums, and because it is the first clinic in the UK to have this amazing product, our clinicians are extremely knowledgeable and experienced with the potent active ingredients and how they work.

What Makes UniverSkin Different?

Going against the grain is never an easy feat, but UniverSkin has revolutionised the way that we think about skincare. It is not about producing a product for the everyman, but producing something that is personal, unique and specific to the patient.

By carrying out a lifestyle questionnaire and skin health assessment, our trained aestheticians can deduce what fresh, active ingredients are needed in your serum. This enables us to give you tailored treatment that will improve the appearance of your main skin concerns and problem areas.

We can then blend your unique formula in front of you, so you know it is fresh and has not been sitting on the shelf for months and months. As the ingredients mix together, they react with one another and, once applied, will leave your skin reinvigorated and in a better overall condition.

Your Skin Consultation at PHI Clinic


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It is paramount for us to see you and analyse your skin before we mix your serum for you. Just think; instead of traipsing around the chemist feeling overwhelmed by all the labels and scientific spiel, you can sit back and have someone do it for you.

The consultation process enables us to give you the very best treatment and skincare advice, and also helps us to eliminate anything that may be contraindicative to your medical history, current lifestyle or medications.

Reviews at 102 Harley Street

We also ask that all patients return after 6 weeks. This is just protocol to make sure you are using the serum correctly, that you are getting on well with the product, or whether any changes need to be made to your prescription. We can also monitor your skin’s progress with clinical photographs, to be used and seen only by you and your aesthetician.

How to Book Your Assessment

We have a fantastic team at PHI Clinic, who are always happy to help. If you feel you would like to know a bit more about what we do as a whole, or have any specific questions to ask before your appointment, please get in touch.

To go through availability for a consultation, please call us on 0207 034 5999.

We look forward to meeting you!

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