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Bespoke Skincare Tips


If you have yet to try PHI Clinic’s fantastic UniverSkin skincare range; what are you waiting for? Not only is the serum designed and tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle, it is fresh, full of active ingredients and is made up right in front of you.

For those who have the UniverSkin serum, here are some bespoke skincare tips to ensure you get the most out of your product:

Check when you are supposed to use the product

Universkin bespoke skincare

Your box of tailored skincare will come along with instructions on when to apply the product. It makes sense that, if you are wanting to fight sun damage, you apply your serum in the mornings. If you are applying a much thicker, hydrating solution, your aesthetician may well suggest applying it at nighttime instead. You simply need to check the label before you start your new regime.

Reviews are essential

As each serum tends to contain at least three active ingredients, we invite patients come in once every 6 weeks to discuss how they are getting on with the product and to assess any changes in the skin. It is not to say that something bad is going to happen, but if the percentage of actives is too high, we can bring it down a notch. Likewise, if you feel you are ready for the next level, your assigned clinician can review and amend your prescription.

Is it still fresh?

bespoke skincare harley street

Another reason why we advise patients have reviews with us, is because you are likely to need your next serum from us at the 6 week stage. We are dealing with fresh ingredients, so much like you would not eat rotten fruit, you should not use out of date skincare products.

Use consistently

There is no good taking a serum that you are supposed to apply twice daily, when you know full well your schedule does not allow you to do so. So tell us exactly what you want from treatment and, realistically, how often you can maintain it. Just like treatments; the more you stick to the plan, the better and faster you will get to the desired result.

Tell us if you are using other products or medication

It is important for you to divulge what skincare products you are already using, and also what – if any – medications you are taking or have taken. We are not going to preach to you or try and convert you to using different things, or sell you something you do not need. We do, however, need to make sure you will get the best results, and that your safety and well being comes first.

If you would like to speak to a member of our lovely PHI team, or would like to discuss availability for a review or skin consultation, please do not delay in contacting us on 0207 034 5999. We are always happy to help and will endeavour to get back to within 48 hours with more information, if necessary.

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