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tailored skincare

The latest phenomena in the skincare world is so-called tailored skincare. The idea being that skincare products and regimes are tailored around the personal and skin health needs of the individual. It all sounds fantastic in theory, but is the concept not just a little daunting, confusing and out there?


PHI Clinic, London, explains their new UniverSkin range, exclusively available at their Harley Street clinic, and how tailored skincare is the way forward:

Tailored Skincare Is Unique

Much like a cocktail, with UniverSkin we can create a unique blend of active ingredients that suit your requirements.

It’s Effective

We work with your presented concerns and identify the properties required in your serum to give you the best possible result.

It’s Easy-to-Use

Gone are the days when you have to apply ten different night time serums and have a separate routine in the morning. UniverSkin is not only tailored to your skin, but also your lifestyle. Depending on the recommendations set by your clinician, most patients only need to apply their serum once daily, either the morning or at night.

It’s Quick

Yep, just ONE bottle to contend with. So there is less chance you will fall behind or have a lazy day.

It’s Adjustable

Not only does UniverSkin move away from generic skin type suitabilities, it can also be adjusted in terms of potency. If we see that you require a milder serum, or a more intense therapeutic lotion, we can adjust your prescription.

It’s French

The French have a certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to dermatology and skincare. Designed, trialled and produced by leading French dermatologists and doctors, UniverSkin is unparalleled in its brilliance and way ahead of the game.


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We like to give our patients the very best treatment out there, whether it is laser, injectables or skincare. Our Medical Director, Dr Tapan Patel, scours the globe on a quest to find the latest, most ground-breaking technologies available. Not only the devices and treatments themselves, but also methods of using them. He is continually seeking to extend his skill set, improve and educate in aesthetic medicine.

When Can I Come In?

Part of providing the best possible patient care and service is to see patients and consult them based on their concerns. This really allows us to gauge exactly what the condition is, what you relevant medical background is and how we can help.

It is extremely rare that we cannot offer anything to patients for their condition, as we house the largest selection of treatment in the UK, under one roof. If ever we cannot treat an indication, there will always be good reason, or we will refer you on to a specialist who can assist you further.

In order to book your personal consultation and skincare assessment with one our expert aestheticians, please contact us at the clinic on 0207 034 5999. We will happily go over availability and any questions you may have.

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