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PHI Clinic’s Best Skincare Products

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PHI Clinic’s Best Skincare Products

PHI Clinic aims to be a centre of excellence for its patients. Continually seeking to grow, learn and offer the very latest and best technologies and therapies, we make it our mission to stay at the forefront of our field.

Bespoke Skincare is an essential part of any treatment plan at PHI Clinic. It is the very basis that help heal, protect, correct and rejuvenate the face. We advise all patients on skincare, as well as on treatments, as the two go hand in hand, accelerating and improving results achieved.

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Best Skincare Products Available at PHI Clinic, 102 Harley Street:


The latest edition to our skincare family, UniverSkin is a revolutionary, bespoke skincare system that is tailored to your skin. Rather than treating a skin type, we treat the very route of the condition, meaning you see a more tangible result.

What’s more is that we mix the active ingredients right before your eyes, meaning it is fresh and potent, ready for you to use. Inviting patients to come in and see us for a protocol review after 6 weeks enables us to check on the progress of your skin and make changes to your formula, if necessary.


The world’s leading, prescription-strength, medicated skincare range results are beyond impressive, as it targets common areas of concern, such as acne, scarring, pigmentation and unevenness, rosacea and sun damage.

With different sub-ranges, including Nu Derm, Clenziderm, Rosaclear and Elastiderm, Obagi have a variety of powerful products that will knock your socks off.


Renowned for its strong scientific background and research led by Sheldon R. Pinnell, MD, the SkinCeuticals range is set out into clear, easy-to-use categories: Prevent, Protect, Correct. The pipette bottles mean that patients can withdraw measured amounts of serum and the product is long-lasting.

Most notably, SkinCeuticals’ range of anti-oxidants are enviable, creating a barrier against free damage to the skin, while simultaneously restoring the skin cells where damage has already taken place.


Great for pigmented and younger, problematic skin, the ViDerm range is incredibly effective both in price and results achieved. Not only does the range smell simply divine, it is a real hit with patients, covering all basic areas of skincare (moisturising, cleansing, toning), as well as deeper, underlying skin complaints like pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Great Selection

One of the best defenses against the signs of ageing is to seek preventative action. Whether you are young and seeking prevention, or slightly older and seeking correction and rejuvenation, we have a range of skincare that we can work around you.

Which One is For Me?

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To discover what the best skincare range is for you, we need to consult you in person. By looking at your skin, feeling the texture and discussing with you any past or present skin conditions or concerns, we can better identify your needs and recommend a more effective skincare regime for you.

Call us on 0207 034 5999 to check availability for your consultation, today.

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