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Botox For A Cobbled Chin Testimonial

cobbled chin botox testimonial treatment harley street

One of our lesser-known treatments at PHI Clinic is cobbled chin Botox. A cobbled chin is a concern that not many people realise can be improved, due to lack of information about it. The ‘pebbly’ appearance of the chin is due, in part, to the muscle that lies beneath the skin there – the mentalis.

Cobbled chin Botox can be used to relax this muscle and create a smoother look, balancing the bottom half of the face.

Cobbled Chin Botox Consultation and Treatment - cobbled chin treatment harley street 690x960

Cobbled Chin Botox Consultation and Treatment

We recently treated a 33 year old woman from the Midlands, who was gracious enough to explain both the consultation and treatment for us, in her own words.

“No one really thinks of having a cobbled chin and I guess it wouldn’t even cross your mind. In the age of the selfie, nobody takes just one photo any more, so when you’re practising your pout, it is easy to spot a wrinkled or uneven chin, and it definitely left me wondering if my cobbled chin could be seen all the time. This led to me booking an appointment with Dr Tapan Patel, as I was informed he was one of the best for injectables in the UK.“

“My first impression of Dr Patel during my consultation was that he was lovely and professional, as he offered me options for treating my chin. I was quite wary at first about the results, but he assured me that they would be natural and subtle. He didn’t inject as much product as I thought he would, but he advised me that it’s always better to start with less product, see the results, and then book in for another treatment after seeing how it affected the area, as I could always have more in the next session.”

Initial Shock Of The injection - cobbled chin treatment 690x960

Initial Shock Of The injection

“As far as pain is concerned, it was a little uncomfortable, but it was just the initial shock of the injection that hurt, I didn’t realise how sensitive my chin was! Dr Patel was really reassuring thought, and I thought I made it through the treatment quite well.”

“It’s been about 4 weeks since I had the treatment, and the effects have reduced slightly, but I love my wrinkle-free chin. I think when I book in again I’d like a bit more product injected, and I’ll discuss that with Dr Patel during my treatment.”

“Overall this was a really positive experience from start to finish, and you’ll definitely find me at PHI Clinic for cobbled chin Botox again!”

Cobbled Chin Botox Treatments

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