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Botox for Men

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Botox & Fillers: Not Just for Women

There is no denying that, within the media, certain treatments are assigned to a particular gender. Just like makeup, heels and the colour pink are social constructs that are associated with women, treatments like Botox and fillers are usually categorised as being ‘feminine,’ and there are rarely stories about Botox for men.

This can often deter male patients from opting to have these treatments, even if their doctor feels the patient would particularly benefit from having them.

So here’s the truth: Botox and fillers are NOT just for women, nor are they ‘feminine’ treatments. In fact, Botox for men is becoming an increasingly popular treatment.

botox for men

Botox for Men

Men bear the signs of ageing just as women do; the skin loses its elasticity, sags, wrinkles and becomes dull and tired. This is not confined to just the females of the species. Therefore, if men desire to erase or improve the appearance of these lines, they can also choose the same methods as women to remedy them.

botox wrinkle treatment for men


Now, that is not to say that men and women are the same – nor should they be! Every treatment at PHI Clinic is tailored to suit the individual’s desires and needs. There are certain areas that a skilled injector knows will be less desirable amongst men, such as filling the cheeks and leaving the hollow to emphasise the cheekbone. The solution is simple: inject in a different way.

Our doctors and nurses are highly trained in creating great results for both men and women using injectables. Each patient who visits us is required to have an in-depth consultation with one of our skilled clinicians prior to any treatment going ahead, in order to discuss wants and needs for results, budget, and preferences. This ensures that every individual who visits us is treated as such and receives a high level of care, no matter their gender.

PHI Injectors

Dr Tapan Patel is PHI Clinic’s Medical Director & Aesthetic Doctor, with over 20 years’ experience in the cosmetic field. He is renowned for his injecting expertise and regularly teaches his techniques to delegates from across the globe.

Dr Tapan works hard to stay at the forefront of his field and to learn and adapt different techniques that will improve the patient experience, and give optimum results. Because of his breadth of knowledge and innovation, he remains to be one of the best injectors in the UK.

Sticking to PHI Clinic’s key principle of achieving natural beauty, Dr Tapan accomplishes subtle, natural-looking results.

To book your consultation at PHI, our 5 star Harly Street clinic, call 0207 034 5999 today.

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