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Botox Pricing

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Authentic Botox®

Botox pricing at PHI Clinic encompasses a range of factors: the price of the authentic Botox® we use, the time it takes for the procedure, the amount of product used, the consumables and, most importantly, the skill and experience of the clinician.

Unlike other practices in the UK, PHI Clinic will only ever use the authentic, branded Botox® which is administered purely by our Aesthetic Doctors and injectables nurses, Dr Tapan Patel (our medical director) and his highly trained team. Something we are incredibly strict on at PHI is that only medically trained professionals are able to inject botulinum toxin and dermal filler.

botox pricing

The reason we are so strict about this is because we understand that in order to create a reputable, trusted clinic, we must demonstrate good practice at all times. This means using the most effective products and offering state of the art treatments, making sure the results are satisfying and tangible and by upholding patient safety at all times. We will never put our patients at risk of poor results, unsanitary conditions or inexperience, and lack of appropriate knowledge and qualifications.

We believe these are some of the main reasons why we have been voted ‘Best Clinic London’ for three consecutive years at the Aesthetic Awards. While being an industry-led body, the Aesthetics Journal is the most accredited publication within the cosmetic field. Its panel of experts scrutinise clinics across the country to select the very best standard. Sending in mystery shoppers to have treatment with us, they can be sure that we provide equally good services to all our patients.

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Botox pricing

Given the skill and experience of our injectable doctors and nurses, our Botox pricing varies by practitioner. As mentioned previously, we factor in every single aspect of the treatment and service in this price. It is about us giving you the very best and not cutting corners at any point. Consultation starts at a redeemable £50.

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We thank our patients for their years of loyalty and dedication, and we really appreciate the support we receive from you. We will always try our very best to maintain PHI Clinic as a centre of excellence and will strive to give you the same quality, always.

We are also appreciative to new patients who select PHI Clinic for their treatment. We understand there are lots of people who offer anti-ageing treatments and the market is highly competitive, but we like to think our skill, professionalism, dedication to our patients and passion for what we do comes across enough for you to deem us a suitable fit for you.

PHI Clinic prides itself on its quality service to its patients. Treating a range of skin conditions and concerns and offering patients a plethora of cosmetic treatments, it is our mission to continue providing the very best, most advanced technologies and treatments out there without compromise.

For more information about the treatments we offer at PHI, or to schedule a consultation with one of our clinicians, please do call us on 0207 034 5999, or email us.

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