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Bringing Dermal Fillers To Eye Level

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The eyes are the windows to the soul, and arguably the most expressive part of the face. This expression can lead to the formation of lines and wrinkles, which can become a bugbear for even the most confident of people. Around the eyes, there are a few areas that can start to show signs of age early; the tear trough, the bridge, and the outer corners, which can all be amenable to eye treatment with dermal fillers.

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Understanding Eye Treatment

Tear Trough

As tissue structure and muscles degenerate through the natural maturation process, the support they provide the eyelids reduces. Skin sags, and fat can migrate the area below your eyes, leading to the puffy appearance of eye bags. An accumulation of fluid can also create this undesirable swollen look.

Bunny Lines

The ‘scrunched’ look of the skin on the nose can be caused by repetitive facial expressions, and can occasionally be a side effect of having Botox in other areas as nasal muscles overcompensate for reduced movement in the forehead.

Crow’s Feet

Also known as laugh lines or character lines, these wrinkles develop with time and facial expressions. Caused or worsened by factors like sun exposure, smoking, and pollution, which reduce collagen and elastin production, skin sags and loses its ability to ‘bounce back’ from facial expressions.

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