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Why Is This Bump On My Nose?

bumpy nose

Speaking from experience, a bump on the nose can ruin your self-confidence. I have hated the bump on my nose since I was around 13, when a friend pointed it out while we were staring at ourselves in the mirror of the bathroom at school. I’ve tried using makeup and contouring the area, but my side profile always shows up in photos the day after an event, and I can’t help but cringe at the sight. If I’ve complained to anyone, friend or family, I’ve always heard replies like “I’ve never noticed” or “It looks fine!” but as much as this may be true, I still don’t like my nose.

I haven’t had anything done to it, or even seen a doctor, and while I’ve had a problem with my nose for years, I’m not sure I’m ready to go under the knife for rhinoplasty (nose surgery) just yet, so I started researching my options.

The main clinic that has come up for non-surgical alternatives to rhinoplasty is PHI Clinic, who use dermal fillers to achieve a straighter, bump-free nose, without the downtime or scars associated with surgery. Dr Tapan Patel has such a high level of experience in the cosmetic field that he seems the perfect man for the job, and despite never having met him, reading about him, and other people’s reviews of him, have me feeling fairly confident about where I’d get the procedure done.

While doing my research, I’ve read a lot about what happens in the treatment, and about the products Dr Patel uses, the Juvederm range by Allergan. These fillers use hyaluronic acid, which is found in the skin naturally, and has a cushioning effect to keep skin plump, and are literally used to fill in the gap between the bump and bridge of the nose to create the desired shape. PHI Clinic doesn’t use permanent fillers, so patients can’t be left with results they don’t like forever; the product used lasts for up to 24 months. During the procedure, Dr Patel numbs the nose, injects the solution, and shapes it to create the desired result, which all takes less than an hour.

Follow my story, as it develops… 


The bump on my nose : The follow up - Bump On My Nose Non Surgical Nose Reshaping 690x1035 690x960

The bump on my nose : The follow up

Five months later, I find myself at PHI Clinic in a sleek white chair having my face thoroughly examined by Dr Tapan Patel, who draws on my face to establish injection points and desired effect.

After discussing that I’d like a less pronounced dorsal hump, he takes me through what he plans to do, and what he wants to avoid, detailing exactly what I should expect in an extremely reassuring manner, before inviting me over to lie on the bed where he’ll perform the treatment. Dr Tapan’s nurse ices the injection site to reduce any discomfort felt (the products he uses contain Lidocaine, an anaesthetic, but that doesn’t kick in until there’s been some product injected), then the treatment starts.

Measure, Inject, Measure, Inject - bump on my nose non surgical rhinoplasty phi clinic 1919x1285 690x960

Measure, Inject, Measure, Inject

Using his expertise, I’m injected, measured, injected, and re-measured until Dr Tapan is completely satisfied with the result, even introducing some product into other areas to balance my face! The difference was noticeable immediately, and has already increased my confidence, I’m not worried about photos being taken in profile, and I can barely walk past a mirror without marvelling at my new look.

I was treated only 2 days ago so the product still has to settle, and it will take a few more days to see my final results, but I now have no bump on my nose! Aside from feeling a bit sore, I am already ecstatic with the results achieved and would wholeheartedly recommend PHI Clinic to anyone and everyone looking to begin a cosmetic journey.

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