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New Profhilo Treatment at PHI Clinic

If you think PHI Clinic couldn’t look after you even more, we’ve only gone and introduced a new Profhilo treatment to our offering. As we age, collagen and elastin is lost within our skin which can create the appearance of dehydrated skin, fine lines and wrinkles and a loss of volume. Profhilo is a revolutionary […]

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Getting You Ready For The Summer Season

Getting You Ready For The Summer Season | PHI Clinic

With the summer season on the horizon, we can begin to look forward to later nights, feeling the sun on our skin and getting together with family and friends, but how can you get ready for this summer season with PHI Clinic? We’ve spent the past few months cosy indoors, hiding under baggy clothing and […]

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Cellulite Treatment With Endolift At PHI Clinic

Cellulite treatment | PHI Clinic

Cellulite is a common concern for many people as a buildup of cellulite tends to appear on the thigh and bum area. Cellulite is a build up of fat underneath the skin and is very common and harmless, and may appear on the surface of the skin dimpled and slightly lumpy. The amount of cellulite […]

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What Is the Lymphatic drainage system?

Body Ballancer treatment | PHI Clinic London

Some say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but in this case your lymphatic drainage system is! Caring for your body from within, is truly reflected from the outside. Following on from the winter and lockdown months, we’ve experienced now more than ever, our bodies feeling sluggish and potentially uncomfortable and prone to infections from […]

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Reduce Forehead Wrinkles at PHI Clinic

reduce forehead wrinkles treatment london 1920x1280

As we age, our skin goes through wear and tear. Repeated facial expressions can cause forehead wrinkles, as well as lifestyle factors like smoking, drinking, a high-sugar diet, and overexposure to UV rays – which can damage the skin. These factors hamper the skin’s ability to ‘bounce back’ from expression, leading to wrinkles occurring early […]

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Our New Skin Resurfacing Treatment GenTix GF – Exclusive To PHI!

skin-resurfacing facial london 1920x1280

At PHI we are always looking for new ways to revolutionize skin treatments and pioneer new technologies. Our exclusive treatment combines Genesis Laser, Tixel and Growth Factor Serums to improve your overall skin health through skin resurfacing, to leave you with a healthy, glowing complexion. GenTix GF skin resurfacing can be used on the face, […]

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Summer Bodies Are Made In The Winter

Summer Bodies Are Made In The Winter PHI Clinic 1920x1280

The winter months allow us to wrap up warm, to layer up on baggy jumpers and padded coats and can even impact our grooming routines to give us that ‘extra’ layer of warmth on our legs for winter. However, now is the time to start thinking about summer 2022 as summer bodies are made in […]

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Introducing our new micro-needling treatment, SkinPen!

micro-needling phi clinic london treatment 1920x1280

Micro-needling is a minimally invasive procedure that typically uses derma rollers or other devices, containing tiny sterile needles that temporarily creates small microscopic channels in your skin. This prompts the deeper layers of the skin to rebuild, essentially kickstarting the body’s natural healing process. These controlled microscopic punctures stimulate the production of collagen which firm, […]

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Laser Skin Tightening With Endolift

endolift laser skin tightening treatment PHI Clinic 1920x1280

As we age, we may begin to notice sagging across the lower jawline that no shop bought moisturisers that pledge to turn back the clock can treat, but can be treated using laser skin tightening treatments. When you hear of someone seeking a facelift treatment, you automatically think of surgery, by believing you need to […]

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The Beauty Secrets Of Wearing Daily SPF

beauty secrets of SPF PHI Clinic 1920x1280

We’re told that wearing SPF on a daily basis protects us from sun damaged skin and harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancers, but have you ever thought about the hidden beauty secrets behind SPF. SPF stands for sun protection factor which is the measure of how well sunscreen protects the face and skin […]

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Botox London With PHI Clinic

PHI Clinic botox london 1920x1280

They say the wrinkles on our face tell a story but for some, fine lines and wrinkles can create concerns on ageing which can lead to some seeking treatment for botox in London. Botulinum toxin is a prescription drug that is used in aesthetic medicine as a wrinkle relaxer as well as a way of […]

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Weight Loss With Dimagra

weightloss PHI Clinic

Like many of us, we may have overindulged during the lockdown period and with the world slowly opening up again, it’s time to lock down those bad eating habits for those looking to achieve effective weight loss. Whilst CoolSculpting works by freezing and eliminating fat cells to reduce the appearance of stubborn fat, Dimagra works […]

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Treating Night Sweats With MiraDry

night sweats PHI Clinic 1920x1280

Night sweats occur as a result of excessive perspiration which can leave your bedding and night clothes feeling soaked, causing a restless and uncomfortable night’s sleep. Sweating is your body’s natural reaction to cooling down the body as water is released through sweat glands in the skin which then evaporates off the skin to cool […]

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Can You Repair Sun Damaged Skin?

Sun damaged skin PHI Clinic 1920x1280

We should all wear sunscreen to prevent sun damaged skin on days ending in Y, why? Despite abroad holiday’s being put on pause during the pandemic, this has led many people to soak up the rays anyway they can, whether that’s outside in the British sun or from a visit to a tanning bed. Either […]

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The Gold Standard In Hair Removal

Hair removal PHI Clinic london 1920x1280

Summer is almost here which means we may have to lose that extra layer of warmth that’s kept our legs warm this winter, by beginning to look into laser hair removal. Whilst body hair is natural, for most people this may cause conscious concerns for some, especially during the summer months. There are many quick […]

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The Truth About The COVID Vaccine And Facial Filler

Covid vaccine PHI Clinic 1920x1280

Over the past few months we have been subject to headlines and rumours surrounding the COVID vaccine, as we’re left debating what is true or false. Recently the COVID vaccine has been said to react with both dermal fillers and botox, stating this can create swelling in the targeted area, but as it is so […]

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How To Get Dimples With Ice Lollies

Dimples with Ice Lollies PHI Clinic London 1920x1280

We all enjoyed an ice lolly now and again as kids, whether you were a rocket lolly enthusiast or a Fab fanatic, but little did we know that exposure to these sweet treats can help to create the appearance of dimples over time. From the likes of Cameron Diaz and Kirsten Durst, dimples have graced […]

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