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What Is A Full Face Filler Treatment?

full face filler treatment phi clinic london 1920x1280

Dermal fillers are an increasingly popular treatment, perhaps due to celebrities in the media being more forthcoming about their enhancements. It seems that everyone knows about lip fillers, and to a lesser extent cheek, chin, and nose fillers, but fewer people are aware that these products can be used for a non-surgical facelift, also called […]

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Jawline Botox On Harley Street

jawline botox london phi clinic 1919x1920

Jawline Botox for masseter action for slimming and even teeth grinding Jawline Botox for a wide jaw is an often overlooked use of botulinum toxin, which many people solely associate with anti-wrinkle treatments. Botox is a neurotoxin that blocks activity of the targeted muscle to reduce its activity, in this case the masseter. When the […]

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Are there any vegan friendly dermal fillers?


Both non-surgical cosmetic procedures and veganism have increased in popularity in recent years, making it natural that the two will meet at some point. So are there any vegan friendly dermal fillers? First, it’s vital to outline the parameters of what ‘vegan’ means. Dietary veganism involves avoiding animal products in food, with ethical veganism extending […]

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What Are The Benefits Of Microneedling?

benefits of microneedling london 1920x1280

As you age, your body produces less collagen which can lead to dry and dehydrated skin that forms fine lines and wrinkles. Unlike anti-aging creams, the stimulation of collagen production is just one of the benefits of microneedling. Tiny punctures to the surface of the skin, can help strengthen the skin, as well as creating […]

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Does CoolSculpting Work?

does CoolSculpting work phi clinic london 1920x1280

Fat cells are distributed around the body, with some areas hosting a higher concentration of fat than others which raises the question: how does CoolSculpting work to reduce the appearance of stubborn fat? Whilst overall weight loss can be achieved from a nutritional diet and exercise, fat cells still remain in the body which can […]

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Eyelid Filler To Reduce Hollowing

eyelid filler treatment best clinic london 1920x1280

Upper eyelid hollowness is a common factor associated with ageing, as a loss in volume over time results in hollowing and the appearance of shadowing around the eye. Compared to surgical options, non-invasive eyelid filler treatments to reduce a hollow appearance are on the rise with little downtime required and results lasting up to 18 […]

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Can You Permanently Cure Redness?

permanently cure redness treatment london 1920x1280

A sudden drop in temperature over the winter period may cause the odd red nose and rosy cheeks for most, but for some, facial redness is an everyday occurrence potentially causing self-confidence issues. Redness is formed when broken capillaries expand and push against the skin causing visual inflammation and resulting in face veins. Facial redness […]

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Body Contouring at PHI Clinic London

Body Contouring londoon 1920x1280

Despite exercising, dieting, and losing a considerable amount of weight, many people still have some stubborn pockets of fat that they just can’t budge. This can be genetic, hormonal, or just a disproportionately placed number of fat cells in one area. At PHI we offer the perfect solution to this problem, with a number of […]

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Armpit Sweating Treatment In London

armpit sweating treatment harley street london 1920x1280

Long-term armpit sweating treatments are becoming more and more sought after. Maybe because in the busy frenetic world we now reside in, we don’t have time to keep changing clothes, applying antiperspirant, or avoiding sweaty situations. Most people who experience heavier than normal or excessive perspiration may be suffering from the relatively common condition hyperhidrosis. […]

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How To Get Rid Of Neck Fat

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At PHI we have the perfect non-surgical, non-invasive methods to get rid of neck fat and tighten the skin, leaving you with an exquisitely shaped profile. CoolSculpting Mini uses cryolipolysis to remove fat cells from your neck and chin. The frozen fat cells are excreted from your body naturally via the lymphatic drainage system and […]

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Are There Any Botox Substitutes?

Botox alternatives london 1920x1280-2

In today’s western culture, beauty and the pursuit of beauty is taken very seriously, we seem to be a society obsessed with totally eradicating lines and wrinkles, and Botox has become one of the world’s most popular aesthetic treatments. However, not everyone wants to go for the vague expressionless face of the over-Botoxed, most people […]

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What Does CoolSculpting Cost?

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We all have a few areas of our bodies that stubborn fat bulges seem to accumulate on, and no matter what we do; whether it’s a new diet, a water fast, or boot camp, those more replete areas just won’t budge. It is only by reducing the fat cells in those persistent areas that you […]

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10 Years Younger Before And After

10 Years Younger Before After 1920X1280

Many of us wear our hearts on our sleeves and many more still carry our stresses and strains on our faces. The trials and tribulations of life can often make us appear older than we are, knocking our confidence. The Channel 5 show 10 Years Younger In 10 Days, which has revealed some of the […]

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What Is A Botox Brow Lift?

Botox Brow Lift treatment london 1920x1280

What is a Botox brow lift and how does it work? Why have one and who would benefit the most from a Botox brow lift? The brow can be one of the first telltale signs of ageing, and understandably most of us want to hold back the clock for as long as we can. If […]

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Dermal Fillers For Sunken Cheeks

Dermal Fillers Sunken Cheeks Dr Tapan 1920x1280

What causes cheeks to sink and flatten, and why choose dermal fillers for sunken cheeks? A face hangs upon its cheekbones and a beautifully shaped and sculpted cheek can be a sign of youth and healthful vibrance. In contrast, flat or sunken cheeks can seem ageing and make the face appear tired. This is why […]

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How To Improve Saggy Jowls

saggy jowls treatment london 1920x1280

Whilst saggy jowls look cute on some animals they are not considered an attractive acquisition in humans. You need not look too far to find a plethora of suggestions for combating them naturally including face patches, serums, massage, and even face yoga. But, with very little evidence for their efficacy, some saggy jowl sufferers turn […]

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Lip Injection Moisturising Treatment

Lip Injection Moisturising Treatment london 1920x1280

Scientists and physiognomists consider the lips to be one of the most important facial features to observe when attempting to ascertain a person’s character. As a species, we primarily express our thoughts verbally and, in doing so, we reveal something of our character and our psychological peculiarities. Consequently, the lips have long held a special […]

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Nose Bump Removal Without Surgery

nose bump removal phi clinic london 1920x1280

Our noses are a fairly useful facial protrusion; they can be used for breathing, smelling sweet scents, or not so sweet ones, and they are in the front line of bodily defences for our immune system. However, our noses are a key element of our facial features for overall facial symmetry and balance, indeed the […]

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