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Does Muscle Sculpting Treatment Work?

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As each new year rolls around, countless numbers of us take the pledge that in this coming year things will be different, we will eat better, go to the gym more, and finally achieve the toned and sculpted body we have been meaning to get around to. However, in this day and age of competitive […]

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Body Contouring Without Surgery

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Many of us spend a lot of time working on our physiques to achieve the ideal toned and contoured body. But sometimes it seems that no matter how much we pound the treadmill and regardless of how many diets we try, we just can not lose those stubborn areas of fat. This leads many people […]

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How To Treat Face Veins

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Facial thread veins are tiny blood vessels which lie just below the epidermis. They look like fine red or occasionally purple or blue lines. They appear when the smaller capillaries become enlarged which results in the veins appearing to be broken. The medical term for thread veins is telangiectasia. This condition can develop in anyone […]

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Rosacea Treatment At PHI Clinic

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Rosacea is a skin inflammation that mainly affects the facial area. This non-contagious condition prompts surface capillaries to expand, which creates a red flush that may be accompanied by lumps and small pustules. The most severe cases of this condition can even affect the nose by enlarging it, referred to as Rhinophyma. PHI Clinic believes […]

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How To Reduce Rosacea

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Rosacea is a common skin ailment that many people experience across the globe. Over 45 million people are affected by this skin condition which can bring about symptoms such as redness, blushing, pustules, small visible blood vessels, and raised spots or lumps. Rosacea can emerge both on the face and body but sufferers can find […]

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Botox Doctor

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It can be disconcerting to know that botulinum toxin is largely unregulated in the UK. With reality TV shows promoting ‘Botox parties’ and exaggerated appearances with dermal filler, it is understandable why there is such a divide in public opinion about the injections, especially those not performed by a Botox doctor. Whilst some idolise the […]

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What Are The Best Loose Skin Treatments?

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Collagen and elastin are vital proteins that keep skin strong and taut. As we age, our body decreases the production of these proteins, and this affects our skin, causing it to become lax. This laxity leads to sagging that can manifest across the body, causing wrinkles and lines on the face, sagging neck and jowls, […]

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Can I Get Rhinoplasty With Dermal Filler?

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According to research by Medigo, rhinoplasty was the third most searched cosmetic procedure in the UK. It is one of the most popular surgical procedures the world over, but it has a new rival, in the form of rhinoplasty with dermal filler. Also called the non-surgical nose job, this procedure takes just 20 minutes and […]

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How Do I Find A Trustworthy Clinic For Cosmetic Treatments?

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With a world of newspaper headlines and magazine articles all centred around Botox horror stories and dermal filler nightmares, it’s no wonder people are hesitant when trying to find a trustworthy clinic for cosmetic treatments. If your only experience of the cosmetic industry is this news, it’s understandable that you might find it scary, but […]

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How Do I Reduce Stubborn Abdominal Fat?

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With today’s ease of access to quick, convenient foods that are high in sugar and fat, it’s no wonder that people are increasingly looking into how to lose weight or reduce stubborn abdominal fat. While we always recommend that the best way to do so is to follow a healthy, balanced diet and exercise regime, […]

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What Are The Best Treatments To Tighten Saggy Skin?

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We see many patients who come to us with skin laxity and are looking for a solution to concerns like jowling and drooping brows on the face, and sagging skin across the body. We understand that these areas can cause self-consciousness, and at PHI our aim is always to assist in any way that we can, […]

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What’s The Best Way To Treat Sagging Face Skin?

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Skin naturally becomes more lax as we age, and this is most apparent in the face, as one of the parts of our body that is near-constantly exposed. Sagging and loose skin on the face can manifest in jowling along the jaw, and wrinkles and fine lines on the lips, around the eyes, on the […]

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Beauty Trends

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The current media attention on celebrities who may or may not have had ‘work done’, extreme before and after shots, and celebrity beauty treatments that flood our Instagram feeds have deposited us in an era of ‘society-driven’ aesthetic medicine. Like it or not, celebrity culture and the media now influence many of the beauty trends […]

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Are Botox Injections Safe?

PHI Clinic Injections

Fine lines and wrinkles appearing on one’s face, hands, and neck can be more than a little bothersome. They are caused by the natural breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin which is precipitated by a combination of factors including, ageing, sun exposure, smoking, lifestyle choices and genetics. When they become noticeable some of us […]

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Non-Surgical Nose Job Review

Non-Surgical Nose Job Review 1920x1280

Non-surgical nose jobs have become an increasingly popular option for nose reshaping. This is partly due to the increasing skill of medical aesthetic injectors and the amazing dermal filler products available on the market, such as Juvederm Volux or Voluma, to subtly change the shape of the nose. Secondly, it provides an opportunity to make […]

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The Best Lip Wrinkle Treatments

Lip Wrinkle Treatment phi clinic 1920x1280

Lip wrinkles, also known as lip lines, lipstick lines, or smoker’s lines, are the thin vertical lines that form on the lips as we age. These lines can be tricky to hide. Ideally, treating the lines so they are filled is preferable to attempting to conceal them with makeup, as the right lip wrinkle treatment […]

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What Causes Excessive Sweating Hyperhidrosis?

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Sweating is an essential bodily function, vital for controlling the body’s temperature and removing toxins from the lymphatic system. It is controlled by our autonomic nervous system and in the majority of people it ticks away nicely and does its job without a problem. However, for 5% of the population this is not the case. […]

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Aquagold Treatment London

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Introducing Aquagold Facial Treatment PHI Clinic is very proud to present the unique and revolutionary Aquagold Fine touch treatment. Aquagold is a 24 carat gold facial device that will deliver a personalised blend of skincare into the epidermis with outstanding results. The Aquagold device has a patented 24 carat gold screw head with 1000 intra-dermal microinjector […]

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