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Laser Hair Removal for Back

Unwanted Hair? In certain places, hair can be undesirable and hard to reach. Back hair, in particular, is almost impossible to get rid of yourself, unless you have extendable arms. And who wants to ask their partners and loved ones to help them out with something like that? Not Just For Women And despite what […]

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Cupid’s Bow Augmentation

Cupids-Bow-Lip-Filler-Treatment-PHI-Clinic 1920 x 1280

While Valentine’s Day only comes once a year, there is always something special about a Cupid’s bow, particularly the one on your lip. Though it has fallen in and out of fashion over the years, a defined Cupid’s bow is a classic hallmark of beauty. However, as we age, the structures and tissues that give […]

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5 Tips to Avoid Trout Pout

Trout Pout PHI Clinic Dermal Fillers 1920x1279

Trout Pout? Duck Lips? No, thank you!   It’s easy to see why lips are a focal point of the face; our smile, our laughter – they all draw attention to this area. While fuller lips can be associated with sexuality, beauty, and warmth, there are perhaps those who take this a little too far. […]

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A History of Harley Street

harley street 1920x1280

Grandeur and Opulence Harley Street was built in the Eighteenth Century, illustrating the opulence and grandeur of Georgian architecture, with its large town houses, sash windows and stately marble entrances. Hub of Medical Excellence The luxuriousness of the buildings’ design, the central location, and the extremely good transport links, soon attracted medical professionals and doctors […]

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London Fashion Week: The Clinic in Vogue

102 Harley Street, London, Image, front door

London Fashion Week It’s almost that wonderful time of year again…no, I’m not talking about the kids going back to school; I’m talking about something much more exciting… London Fashion Week 2014 kicks off next week, and already the banners are high-flying down Oxford Street. I, for one, am looking forward to the style tips, […]

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Can You Treat Laughter Lines?

laughter-lines-Botox-PHI-Clinic-London 1920x1280

Laughter lines are commonly referred to as smoker lines, can be a source of self consciousness for many people as we begin to notice the appearance of lines as we get age. With ageing comes the break down of collagen and elastin, as proteins that keep the skin firm and plump, in turn, causes skin […]

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