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The Beauty Box Hype


As Christmas draws closer we all have the same thing in common. We put a question out there to lessen your panic and to maybe give you a little excitement. ” Are you ready for the Best Ever Christmas yet?” “Have you bought anything from your children’s list?” What’s a beauty box? A list has been made 3 […]

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Eye Treatments for Bags

eye bag-treatments

We have all tried eye treatments for bags yet to form, so prevention is the key when we’re young. If we were ever to reflect upon the list of things that we were 100% certain we would never ever do in life, we will almost certainly see cosmetic surgery. I think we also all relate and completely […]

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Forehead wrinkles treatment


There are many on the quest for forehead wrinkles treatment. When we envisage getting wrinkles at a later age and start to feel concerned that we may see them creeping through, our eyes are usually drawn almost immediately to our foreheads – but why? Well, a lot of expression is in our foreheads so it […]

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Botox® Gone Wrong


Unfortunately, it is a sad truth that in some cases, Botox treatment does not go as planned or resemble the desired result of the patient. The reasons behind Botox gone wrong are plentiful, and it is important to do your research before embarking on appearance-altering procedures. At PHI Clinic, London, it is our goal to […]

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10 Ways To Prevent Wrinkles

prevent wrinkles

These days, most of us want to think in a little more depth about wrinkle prevention. It seems that many young people rush into cosmetic treatment these days, so if we could provide you with ways to prevent wrinkles, it might just help you with natural ageing and preventing skin damage. We believe it is […]

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Juvéderm® Reviews

juvederm reviews

At PHI Clinic we treat hundreds of patients every month with dermal fillers. Below are a number of patients that have commented on their experience providing Juvederm reviews after having been treated by PHI Clinic doctors. At consultation often our patients concerns may be relatively similar to one another’s. A lift here and lost volume there, […]

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The Increasing Demand for Cosmetic Treatments


With the continued growth in demand cosmetic treatments we at PHI clinic and more committed than ever to providing our patients with the best technologies and solutions for treatment. Is this entirely down to the quest for perfection? Or is it something more? There is undoubtedly more information and education that is accessible to us; results […]

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Dermal Nose Fillers to Straighten your Nose

dermal nose fillers

The non-surgical cosmetic industry is, at times, astounding in its approach to treating indications, especially when we are talking dermal nose fillers. Whether it is reducing small stubborn pockets of fat, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles with Botox® and dermal fillers or to prevent excessive sweating by means of microwave technology. Did you […]

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Botox Alternative

juvederm fillers london face treatment triple repair

Botulinum toxin is the single most popular treatment in the US, and is increasingly prominent in the UK. It is a non-surgical solution for those wishing to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, removing the need for incisions and long periods of downtime. However, we understand that not everyone is open to having Botox […]

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Botox Uses

botox uses

We may think we have a general understanding of what botulinum toxin is, as it is becoming an increasingly popular treatment, but there are so many Botox uses we may not be aware of. The drug itself is a purified protein that relaxes muscles for a temporary period. Usually, Botox® lasts between 3-4 months, and […]

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Injectable Doctors In London

injectable doctors

Designed to improve the appearance of fine lines and facial wrinkles. To achieve this smoother, more youthful look, the purified protein works to relax the muscles that directly trigger the furrows. Injectable Doctors may opt to use this in combination with other products like a dermal filler to address wrinkles and ad volume. What Are […]

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Jawline Slimming With Injectables

Jawline Slimming With Injectables PHI Clinic 1920x1280

Having a defined, streamlined jaw is highly desirable and a top priority for many. Whether the ageing process has emphasised your jowls or you are facing lax skin in this area, there are different solutions – both surgical and non-surgical – to improve the contour of your face. Jawline slimming with injectables, in this case Botox®, […]

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Non-Surgical Liposuction with CoolSculpting

Non-surgical liposuction PHI Clinic London

Non-surgical liposuction with CoolSculpting targets stubborn fat around the body as opposed to being a treatment used for weight loss. Pockets of fat are common for many people and may cause concerns for some, with the immediate response, leading some to adopting fad diets and crazy exercise regimes, with hopes of reducing the appearance of […]

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Tips on How to Tighten Skin


Tips on How to Tighten Skin There are many different things that contribute to lax skin, and it is a very common indication presented to us at PHI Clinic, London. Whether you tend to fluctuate in weight and have some saggy skin in certain areas, or perhaps you have just had a baby and are […]

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Natural Bespoke Skincare


Natural Bespoke Skincare Food for Thought Many of us are getting stricter with our daily food intake and what we put in our bodies these days. Whether you are an avocado advocate or a super foods specialist; knowing the exact ingredients, source and nutritional benefits of your food is paramount. So why, then, do we […]

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Philosophy of Bespoke Skincare

philosophy bespoke skincare

We have all entered chemists and beauty aisles on a quest to stock up on products to help improve our skin. Whether you end up going for pretty packaging, scientific spiel or simply what seems most cost-effective, the majority of us will simply settle for less-than-helpful skincare products, that are just not effective. PHI Clinic, […]

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A Lasting Solution To Underarm Sweat

lasting solution for underarm sweat 1920x1280

Underarm sweat is a common condition that affects many of us especially during the summer, when high temperatures trigger the body’s natural instinct to cool itself down by sweating. However for some, sweating may not simply put a dampener on their day but excessive sweating maybe an all year round condition which can be deemed […]

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Can Sweat Patches Be Avoided In The Summer?

sweating solution phi clinic london 1920x1280-2

We all look forward to the summer months; glorious sunshine (if we’re lucky), light clothing, sunglasses and a spring in our step as we go about our daily lives. What may dampen our mood can be those dreaded sweat patches that may occur from the warmer weather.   […]

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