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The Causes Of Under Eye Bags

causes eye bags - WRINKLES AROUND EYES

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what causes eye bags, but the most common factor is simply ageing. We would say that the highest percentage of patients looking to come to PHI Clinic for eye bag treatments such as non-surgical tear trough treatment are coming in because they are beginning to experience the first signs of loss of volume, hollowing around the eyes, and the appearance of tiredness.

"You look tired"

It is very frustrating when you are among your peers and your friends and the common remark is “you look tired” especially when you feel fine. This is, unfortunately, a very common situation that occurs, and can be quite frustrating. Fortunately, in 2017, there are many non-surgical interventions that can treat what causes eye bags.

This can be done with Botox injections for wrinkles, and also to restore a bit of volume around the eye. Another added benefit of restoring that volume is that it reduces the appearance of darkening or shadowing around the eye which is often a factor in intensifying the appearance of tiredness.

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Loss Of Volume Causes Eye Bags

Because of the shadowing, loss of volume, and slight bone loss in that area due to ageing, pigmentation can set in as well, and we can start seeing a darkened appearance on the surface of the skin. This can be improved with the use of dermal filler injections.

The most popular treatment we use here at PHI Clinic is called the tear trough treatment, which is the light application of a hyaluronic acid (HA) based dermal filler under the eye to restore that volume. Only one treatment may be required and the prices for this treatment start at £750, although that can increase if dealing with a more severe tear trough. Not all patients are suitable for a treatment such as this, which is why it is vital that you receive a mandatory consultation with a highly qualified and skilled cosmetic doctor who you can discuss your options with.


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