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Dr Tapan at CCR Expo

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As well as being the medical director of PHI Clinic, Dr Tapan also directs an online learning platform for cosmetic injectors, eMASTR, and a practical training masterclass, Academy 102. He has been teaching other practitioners through Academy 102 since 2014 from the specially adapted first floor of the clinic, and first introduced eMASTR at the 2017 Clinical, Cosmetic, and Reconstructive Exhibition (CCR Expo).

It was an honour to then be invited to present a live injectables demonstration to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) at this year’s CCR event, on the 5th October 2018. In the first demonstration of its kind, Dr Tapan performed an advanced injectable treatment on a male patients in front of hundreds of highly skilled surgeons at the London Olympia.

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CCR Expo Presentation - BAAPS

One of the attending surgeons, Mr Marc Pacifico, provided us with a few comments about the event:

I am a Consultant Plastic Surgeon, in full time private practice, with a practice of predominantly facial and breast plastic surgery. I sit on the Council of the BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) and organise the BAAPS’ annual scientific meeting, which is where Tapan was presenting.

I have known Dr Tapan, both personally, and by reputation, for a number of years, and felt he would be the ideal calibre of aesthetic physician to demonstrate to plastic surgeons the ability of filler to produce natural but significant results.

Dr Tapan performed a live filler injection on a male patient, whilst fielding questions from the audience, who were all experienced plastic surgeons. He produced an impressive result, and his approach was well received by the delegates.

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Non-surgical Gold Standard Training

Dr Tapan lectures on the national and international stages, demonstrating the most effective techniques for safe treatments to other practitioners around the world. He also performs all in house injectables training with our doctors and injectable nurses, so patients can be assured of receiving a gold standard treatment with any PHI Clinic practitioner.

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