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“I Wanted To Save Money, So I Got A Cheap Treatment”

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Whilst a trip to town to purchase the latest skincare and beauty products can be a temporary alternative to going under the knife, contouring and anti-aging creams can only seem to get you so far.

However for some, a quick fix may be desirable to those taking cost into consideration, which can lead to some people seeking a cheap treatment.

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What To Expect From A Cheap Treatment

When purchasing your Louis Vuitton handbag, you expect the considerably high price tag, as you’re purchasing quality and a luxurious product, right? The same applies for your cosmetic procedures.

Unfortunately, the cosmetic surgery industry within the UK is largely unregulated, resulting in anyone legally performing injectable treatments. From this lack of regulation, this has led to many unqualified practitioners performing popular procedures for profit.

We don’t want you to receive a cheap treatment and ultimately end up paying the price by having to correct any damage that may have been caused.

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What To Look Out For When Booking Treatment

When considering a cosmetic procedure either surgical or non-surgical, it is vital to research into who will perform the treatment, where you will be treated and what will be used. Whether you are looking for a treatment with us here at PHI Clinic, or anywhere else, we strongly urge you to do your research when seeking out cosmetic surgery.

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Our Top Five Things To Look Out For:

  1. Check what qualifications practitioners have and the safety of the clinic
  2. What aftercare you should expect post treatment.
  3. Price of procedure. If the price seems a little low, chances are it’s probably too good to be true.
  4. That you are offered time between your consultation and treatment. This allows you to think over your treatment plan before agreeing to go ahead.
  5. The location of the clinic. We don’t want anyone to experience dermal filler injections in an abandoned car park.
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Straight From The Doctor’s Mouth

“We are increasingly seeing more and more complications from patients who have been injected elsewhere. Often these other injectors don’t know how to manage complications or aren’t legally able to prescribe the necessary medication to remedy the situation.” – Dr Bawa

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Treatment At PHI Clinic London

Here at PHI Clinic we are a multi-award winning clinic, with a team of highly accredited clinicians and qualified practitioners who will work with you to provide the best possible results for you.

We only have your best interests at heart which is why we do not accept same day treatment to your consultation as we allow patients to think over their treatment plan before seeking treatment. If you would like to book a consultation here at PHI Clinic get in touch, or equally follow us on social media to check out some of our incredible past patient journeys.

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