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Cheek Enhancement For Sunken Cheeks

sunken cheeks fillers

We all spent time playing dress up when we were young, trying on mother’s gorgeous dresses and her favourite pair of heels (5 sizes too big!), and then standing in front of the mirror with lipstick haphazardly applied not just to the lips but, most of the time, all over cheeks and chins too. For some of us, it’s our earliest memories; pouting and making kissy faces, trying desperately to suck in our cheeks just like the models we’ve seen in the fashion magazines we pored over while mother talked to her friends. It’s funny to think that, back then, the thin-cheeked look was all some of us wanted, and contouring to slim down the face has risen dramatically lately, but we all want to avoid actually having cheeks that sag or seem sunken. Some people swear by facial yoga, moisturising with olive oil, or drinking milk and honey, with varying results, but at PHI we prefer a more tried and tested method of restoring youthful plumpness.

To combat this particular sign of ageing, we use dermal fillers in the cheeks as a non-surgical alternative to a facelift. These fillers are made using hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the skin as a cushioning and plumping agent. During treatment, your clinician will inject the filler into pre-specified areas on your cheeks to create volume and restore a youthful glow.

As with any cosmetic procedure, there are a myriad of misconceptions surrounding cheek fillers, but they are largely unfounded or based on preconceptions or mixups.

Don’t they hurt?

Our cheek enhancement is done using injectable fillers, so there may be a small amount of discomfort, but Juvederm Voluma (the product used in this treatment) comes with Lidocaine, a local anaesthetic, to reduce any pain.

A good anti-ageing cream will do the same job won’t it?

A good anti-ageing cream should improve the look of your skin, but can take weeks to take effect and usually needs to be applied daily. Good ingredients to look out for are copper peptides and kinetin, as they can help stimulate collagen production, but for more instant, dramatic changes (while retaining a natural look), dermal fillers work wonders.

If I don’t like the result, I’ll just have to live with it, right?

The beauty of these fillers is that although they can last between 9 months and 2 years, they can be dissolved at any point should you change your mind; your clinician can use a dissolving enzyme called hyalase to get rid of the product.

Restoring that youthful glow is as easy as a 30 minute treatment, and you’ll be back playing dress up in front of the mirror in no time.

For more information about our treatment selection at PHI Clinic, 102 Harley Street, or to schedule your consultation, please call 0207 034 5999 today. Our in house team will happily assist you, going through availability and working around your schedule and preferences as best they can.

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