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Chin Augmentation With Dermal Filler

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Chin augmentation is probably not the first treatment that may spring to mind when thinking of dermal fillers, but it is a procedure that can significantly affect the appearance of the face. For the most part, this treatment is performed in order to improve the balance of the face, both from straight on and in profile.

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Masculinisation and Weak Chin Correction

Both men and women can benefit from chin augmentation, and we often treat men who are seeking a more masculine look to the lower face. One of our highly skilled doctors, Mr Apul Parikh, often treats the male face with dermal fillers, and has achieved some dramatic results that maintain a masculine appearance without being harsh or unnatural.

Chin augmentation with dermal fillers, also called chin enhancement, can also be used to address concerns like a weak chin, for men and women alike, by introducing volume into the area to enhance the structure of the face.

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Chin Augmentation Products

All of our dermal filler treatments are performed using Juvederm products, a range known for its safety and efficacy, with a variety of products that can be used to achieve different outcomes. These products contain a hyaluronic acid, a sugar that occurs naturally in the body. This cushioning agent works to attract and retain water in the body for a filling effect to create the desired contours.

Results are noticeable immediately but will settle over the course of 2-4 weeks for optimal outcomes, and we do request that our patients attend a follow up appointment 4-6 weeks after treatment to assess these results and take pictures to document the changes.

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Book a Consultation

You can book a consultation for chin augmentation with one of our highly skilled injectable doctors by calling us on 0207 034 5999, or email info@phiclinic.com for more information. During your consultation, your assigned doctor will be able to thoroughly examine your chin before recommending a bespoke treatment plan to address your concerns.

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