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The Complete Forehead Treatment

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Forehead lines are a strong indicator of age, and can make the sufferer appear mature past their years. Take Gordon Ramsay, arguably one of the most famous TV chefs in the UK, as well as being increasingly popular in the USA. His forehead lines are renowned, and he wears them well, with pride, but not everyone has the Ramsay confidence. Our complete forehead treatment is one way that may boost your confidence and reduce that stress.

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Ageing of the Forehead

When looking at the ageing of the forehead, there are two problems that can be improved: forehead lines and frown lines. Forehead lines are the horizontal ridges that form above the brow, and frown lines (also called glabellar lines) are those between the eyebrows that appear vertically. It is always recommended by our experienced clinicians at PHI Clinic that treatments be used as a preventative measure, rather than waiting until lines and wrinkles are more noticeable and wanting a corrective procedure, which may have its limits depending on the severity of lines.

The complete forehead treatment that we offer at PHI to tackle a lined forehead can be one of, or a mixture of three options, all of which are proven effective.

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Complete Forehead Treatment


When used for cosmetic purposes, Botox (a brand name for Botulinum Toxin type A) causes muscles under wrinkled skin to become less active, allowing lines to settle so skin above becomes smoother. Due to its temporary nature, this is usually regarded as an ongoing treatment in order to see consistent results. Forehead lines and frown lines can be treated with Botox in order to improve the appearance of the forehead.


At PHI Clinic, we use the Juvederm range by Allergan for our dermal filler treatments. These products use a naturally occurring cushioning agent, hyaluronic acid (HA), to increase volume in specific areas, and fill in lines and wrinkles. When the dermal filler is introduced into an area via injection, it creates a subtle, natural-looking lift that reduces the appearance of furrows.

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Forehead Lines and Frown Lines

Laser resurfacing

Another treatment option for forehead lines and frown lines is laser skin resurfacing. Resurfacing options target skin cells and create a controlled wound that forces the body to stimulate new healthy skin cell growth that reduces the appearance of these wrinkles.

Housing the largest amount of devices in the UK, at PHI Clinic, we use technologies like the Erbium:YAG laser to treat the forehead, which employs infrared energy to remodel collagen and improve the look of lines and furrows on the face.

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