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Introduction To Acne

An inflammatory disease caused when the sebaceous gland (found in the hair follicle) produces too much oil, or ‘sebum’. Bacteria builds up and this can result in a break out, often triggered by hormonal changes, meaning those going through puberty or pregnancy are more prone to spots than others.

It is the most common skin disease in the world, with 95% of people suffering with the effects of excess sebum at some point in their lives. Most people will have mild indications with occasional break outs whereas others will have much more severe episodes. It is vital to treat acne effectively and as early as possible to prevent scarring.

In recent years, the amount of treatments available for people with acne has increased, with new options both for treating areas of the skin with active acne and reducing any scars that may have formed. Indeed, results achieved during treatments can really be beneficial to patients, improving not only their skin but also their confidence, which can take a knock when suffering from this condition.

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Before and after Acne treatment

Treatments available for Acne

Frequently Asked Questions

Your assigned clinician may decide that a combination of treatments is most beneficial for you

Every treatment is tailored to individual needs of the patient, and includes comprehensive follow up sessions

We recommend visiting the following link for the British Skin Foundation

Our treatments are performed by our team of highly trained nurses and therapists.

Acne occurs on most areas of the body can be treated.

There may be some downtime associated with your course of treatment which will be explained to you following your monthly consultation.

The price for Acne treatments start from: £295

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